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  • Legal Briefs - Recruiting & Hiring

    Legal Briefs - Recruiting & Hiring

    A Manager’s Guide to Staying Out of Court ... Recruiting and hiring can be a legal minefield for managers. This program equips them with the skills they need to avoid legal pitfalls in finding and hiring the right people.

  • Legal Briefs - Substance Abuse

    Legal Briefs - Substance Abuse

    The Manager’s Role in Creating & Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace
    You suspect an employee is “under the influence” while on the job. How do you deal with the situation without putting the organization at risk of a costly lawsuit?

  • Legal Briefs - The ADA

    Legal Briefs - The ADA

    Experts Share What Every Manager Should Know About the Americans With Disabilities Act - ADA.  Your managers will get a better grasp of how the Act impacts them and find key answers to their most frequently asked questions.

  • Legal Briefs - Workplace Privacy

    Legal Briefs - Workplace Privacy

    This program examines employees right to privacy and your organization's rights to protect its information and property. Managers will learn how to effectively and legally establish, document, communicate and enforce policies regarding privacy. 

  • Legal Briefs - Workplace Violence
    • 2001

    Legal Briefs - Workplace Violence

    The Legal Role in Keeping Your Workplace Safe
    Making the workplace safe from violence is a high priority for organizations today. But there is a real risk of legal liability as well.

  • Let’s Face It

    Let’s Face It

    With potential liabilities growing, it’s important to make sure everyone in a leadership position understands the importance of their actions - and their key part in eliminating harassment from the workplace.

  • Let’s Get Honest
    • CC

    Let’s Get Honest

    LET’S GET HONEST is a two part training program that addresses how difficult it is to live in a sexually-charged society while working in an environment that is supposed to be void of anything sexual.

  • Let’s T.A.L.K.

    Let’s T.A.L.K.

    Handling the Difficult Performance Appraisal.  The T.A.L.K. approach (Tell it like you see it; Ask for feedback; Lead toward a solution; Keep at it) makes appraisals easier and more effective, keeping the focus on work-related issues, not on personalities. 

  • Life Meets Work: Overcoming Stress, Fear and Anxiety

    Life Meets Work: Overcoming Stress, Fear and Anxiety

    Help your employees regain control of their lives by providing them with the necessary tools to recognize and cope with the many feelings that arise as a result of stress or crisis.

  • Little Things Mean a Lot

    Little Things Mean a Lot

    From Microinequities to Micro-affirmations With Brigid Moynahan
    The "little things" are behaviors we all use, intentionally and unintentionally. They can make our organizations highly productive or erode their power.

  • Looking Forward
    • 2007

    Looking Forward

    Your Performance Appraisal
    Everyone knows that managers need to be trained to lead successful performance appraisal meetings. But did you ever consider the other side of the table?

  • Manager or Mouse

    Manager or Mouse

    Watch as Louie improves his operations and ultimately his customer service in this witty video about a carpet installation company.

  • Managing Me
    • 2008
    • CC

    Managing Me

    The key to managing other people is learning how to manage you. As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. So…how do you react? Do you lead with your gut…or your head?

  • Moment of Truth
    • 2008

    Moment of Truth

    Life doesn’t come with a pause button. Ethical dilemmas demand instant clarity. Address this problem head-on by giving employees a practical guide for making better decisions.

  • More than A Gut Feeling III
    • 2000

    More than A Gut Feeling III

    The secret to a successful interview is simpler than you think.
    Learn helpful job-related interviewing techniques that will help you refrain from judging an applicant on gut feeling.

  • Negotiating: Tying the Knot
    • 1995

    Negotiating: Tying the Knot

    A skill for life
    In business, as in life, negotiating a mutually beneficial deal is challenging. Give staff at all levels the skills to achieve an equitable outcome to any negotiation.

  • Office Safety: It’s A Jungle In There Toolkit

    Office Safety: It’s A Jungle In There Toolkit

    Office Safety It’s A Jungle In There covers the hidden and subtle dangers of working in an office, as well as preventing injury, controlling danger and formulating emergency plans.

  • Other Side of the Window
    • 2006

    Other Side of the Window

    Providing Exceptional Service in Government
    Spend the day with a hapless customer as he experiences life on the other side of the window and shows how workers can be flexible and make citizens happy without breaking the rules.

  • Ouch! Series
    • 2009
    • CC

    Ouch! Series

    New Series!
    WARNING! OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts & Ouch! Your Silence Hurts will start conversations that are not always comfortable... but are critically important!

  • OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts
    • 2007
    • CC

    OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts

    Communicating Respectfully in a Diverse World
    The workplace is rife with negative jokes and demeaning stereotypes. For many people, staying silent is no longer an option, but they haven’t known how to speak up. X

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