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  • Jennifer James Collection
    • 1996

    Jennifer James Collection

    Jennifer James

    Jennifer James, Ph.D. is one of the top organizational speakers in the corporate and educational communities.

  • Stephen Covey Leadership Library  - 5 Video Set
    • 1998

    Stephen Covey Leadership Library - 5 Video Set

    Stephen R. Covey

    Dr. Stephen Covey, founder and chair of the Covey Leadership Center and author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, once again brings us an inspirational set of leadership training programs.

  • No!....Basta Ya De Acosame (No!...Stop Harassing Me)
    • 1999

    No!....Basta Ya De Acosame (No!...Stop Harassing Me)

    This is the premier spanish video training package (no dubbing). It covers the topics of illegal discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment and preventative steps available to all employers and managers.

  • Whale Done! Series
    • 2002
    • CC

    Whale Done! Series

    Ken Blanchard

    Filmed on location at SeaWorld, Whale Done! offers majestic sea creatures, a compelling message and memorable workshop activities that will have an immediate and positive impact on your workplace.

  • Stephen Covey’s Lessons in Leadership – 4 Video Set
    • 2002

    Stephen Covey’s Lessons in Leadership – 4 Video Set

    Stephen R. Covey

    A four video set that is sure to inspire and motivate your managers with a presentation that can only be done by Stephen Covey.

  • The Stolen Eye
    • 2002

    The Stolen Eye

    Jane Elliott

    Viewers of The Stolen Eye will feel less defensive and freer to discuss their own experiences of discrimination as analogous but not redundant to those of the film’s participants. This is a must-buy for any of Jane Elliott’s many admirers.

  • FISH! For Schools
    • 2002

    FISH! For Schools

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Welcome back to the reason you became an educator.
    FISH! for Schools will help you build a great school culture—or strengthen the great culture you already have.

  • Customer Service Training Series
    • 2002

    Customer Service Training Series

    How to Achieve Consistent Excellence in Customer Service
    The 3 programs in this series offer real-life examples and give you specific steps to implement in your organization.

  • How to Ask Positive Questions
    • 2004

    How to Ask Positive Questions

    John O’Hurley

    The Hidden Communication Skill That Will Make Your Next Team Meeting More Productive with John O’Hurley

  • Do Right Series
    • 2006

    Do Right Series

    Lou Holtz

    This collection of the best-selling Do Right programs is a must for any training library! Includes Do Right I, Do Right II, and Do Right The Plan.

  • We Are The Ones
    • 2007

    We Are The Ones

    Paul Hopkins

    We Are The Ones is an inspirational short program that encourages us to look to ourselves for leadership and positive change.

  • Ordinary People Extraordinary Results
    • 2007

    Ordinary People Extraordinary Results

    Stephen R. Covey

    True Stories of Great Leadership
    Who motivates your leaders to motivate others? You’s how! Four inspirational real-world stories illustrate how ordinary people became great leaders.

  • 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
    • 2008

    5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

    Ed Oakley

    Engaging Your Team to Achieve Any Goal
    Today’s leaders face tremendous pressure to solve problems, achieve goals, manage change and improve productivity. This program illustrates how solutions can easily present themselves when leaders ask team members the right questions.

  • Innovation at the Verge with Joel Barker
    • 2009

    Innovation at the Verge with Joel Barker

    Joel Barker

    Joel Barker has always believed the future is something you create, not something that happens to you.

  • Don’t Panic
    • 2009

    Don’t Panic

    A Recipe for Success in Times of Stress: This program will help you reduce stress by improving self knowledge, building support networks, assessing your situation, taking action and learn.  

  • Frog Tales: The Little Frog
    • 2009

    Frog Tales: The Little Frog


    Frog Tales Meeting Films
    The Little Frog tells an unforgettable story of mind over matter and the power of words. You'll laugh and cry as they work their way through life's situations that so often mirror our daily business challenges

  • It’s OKAY to be the BOSS
    • 2009

    It’s OKAY to be the BOSS

    Bruce Tulgan

    Fight the Undermanagement Epidemic
    It’s OKAY to be the BOSS is a humorous, highly entertaining call to action for managers, supervisors, and leaders.

  • What’s Spirituality Got to Do With It?
    • 2009

    What’s Spirituality Got to Do With It?

    Integrating Science and Spirituality
    A unique, first of its kind, film designed for the medical community. What's Spirituality Got to Do With It? empowers health care providers to address patient's health-related spiritual issues.

  • Cracked Pot
    • 2010

    Cracked Pot


    The Cracked Pot teaches us to appreciate the talents and contributions of each member of the team, regardless of preconceived notions about his or her potential.

  • Watts Towers
    • 2010

    Watts Towers


    The true story of a down-on-his-luck craftsman who embarks on a thirty-year project that brings a work of art to an impoverished neighborhood. X

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