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  • Handling Tricky Appraisals
    • 2012

    Handling Tricky Appraisals

    Carol rates herself high but her performance appraisal is full of conflict and surprise.

  • Understanding Accountability
    • 2012

    Understanding Accountability

    Serena has come in from Head Office and is appalled by the lack of accountability in the regional office. She leaves Marcus with the challenge that his entire office must become accountable.

  • Creating a No-Blame Culture
    • 2012

    Creating a No-Blame Culture

    Everyone is blamed when Carol’s social responsibility strategy goes horribly wrong.

  • Ensuring a Respectful Workplace
    • 2012
    • CC

    Ensuring a Respectful Workplace

    Insensitive racist remarks and talking behind people’s backs cause hurt all around. Serena is concerned that the culture in the office lacks basic elements of respect.

  • De-Cluttering the Office
    • 2012

    De-Cluttering the Office

    The office is a disgraceful mess! Carol is on a mission to de-clutter the office to make sure it’s cleaner, more motivating, safer and more secure.

  • Giving Managers Feedback
    • 2012

    Giving Managers Feedback

    Managers need feedback to improve but they don’t always like what they hear.

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
    • 2012

    Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Dan Goleman

    Learn three basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence.

  • Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence
    • 2012

    Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Dan Goleman

    Understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another almost like the common cold.

  • Dynamics of Sexual Harassment: Definitions, Examples, Resolution & Prevention
    • 2012

    Dynamics of Sexual Harassment: Definitions, Examples, Resolution & Prevention

    The Dynamics of Sexual Harassment training program will provide supervisory personnel and the general workforce state-of-the-art harassment prevention training and support the employer in complying with State and Federal laws.

  • Communication Counts
    • 2012

    Communication Counts

    The cost associated with poor workplace communication is staggering. 70% of small- to mid-sized businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem.

  • Customer-Centric Innovation
    • 2012

    Customer-Centric Innovation

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Lara Lee Chief Innovation and Operating Officer, Continuum

  • Innovation Engine
    • 2012

    Innovation Engine

    Tina Seelig Executive Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program shows how we can all learn how to become more innovative.. 

  • Strategy for Transformational Change
    • 2012

    Strategy for Transformational Change

    Intuit CEO, Brad Smith Stanford Executive Briefings shares secrets that have led to revolutionary new products, sky-high productivity, and a ranking on Fortune's 100 Best Companies!

  • Online Marketing Strategies
    • 2012
    • CC

    Online Marketing Strategies

    Lean the basics of how to understand and implement online marketing strategies. 

  • Meeting Management Challenges 1
    • 2012
    • CC

    Meeting Management Challenges 1

    Meeting Management Challenges 1 teaches managers how to deal with: posting inappropriate information on social media Web sites, breaches in confidentiality, covering up mistakes, downturns in performance, and workplace bullying. 

  • Meeting Management Challenges 2
    • 2012

    Meeting Management Challenges 2

    Workplaces are fast-paced, challenging, and diverse environments that can create conflict and misunderstanding. Successful resolution of problems among colleagues is a vital aspect of good management. 

  • Successful Selling
    • 2013

    Successful Selling

    The Successful Selling training program is a fast-paced and practical guide to sales for sales professionals.

  • Tell Me a Story
    • 2013

    Tell Me a Story

    This program shows how leaders can use storytelling to: create a shared vision of the future, kick-start new projects, highlight lessons learned, and reinforce the organization’s brand.

  • Sales 101: Finding the Itch - Barkles Meeting Video
    • 2013

    Sales 101: Finding the Itch - Barkles Meeting Video


    In this funny sales meeting video, you'll see how to overcome objections and really connect with the customer... and close the sale!

  • Truly FURRific Customer Service  - Barkles Meeting Video
    • 2013

    Truly FURRific Customer Service - Barkles Meeting Video


    Some customers are difficult to please... but Ollie will show you how to deal with a difficult customer and deliver truly terrific customer service. X

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