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  • Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention - The Series
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    Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention - The Series

    This program features 10 subtle sexual harassment vignettes that demonstrate the importance of zero tolerance, setting the right example, handling complaints, and timely and thorough investigations.

  • Hire for Attitude

    Hire for Attitude

    With fewer people doing more work these days, organizations cannot afford costly hiring mistakes and the resulting turnover. Finding the right person with the right attitude and mind-set is a top priority.

  • Keeping the Good Ones
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    Keeping the Good Ones

    Keeping the Good Ones will inspire managers and provide them with practical tools, which they can use to keep the good people they already have.

  • After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees
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    After the Hire: Retaining Good Employees

    Hiring good employees isn’t enough in today’s tight, competitive labor market. Managers and their organizations must also focus on strategies for keeping their best employees on the job.

  • File 101: Building Teams for Success

    File 101: Building Teams for Success

    Teams are critical in order for today’s excellent organizations to succeed. No one person can do it all. A well-constructed team with specific goals and guidelines is critical in today’s fast paced business environment.

  • Creating a People-Centered Organization

    Creating a People-Centered Organization

    Sam Tyler

    As Sam says, "The only differentiator with unlimited potential is the human being." Hear and see for yourself what it will take to achieve excellence a decade from now.

  • Talk Isn’t Cheap

    Talk Isn’t Cheap

    Learn the simple steps that anyone can take to communicate more efficiently. This video will help you understand why "Talk Isn’t Cheap".

  • Communicating Non-Defensively

    Communicating Non-Defensively

    Viewers gain a clear understanding of why all people are naturally defensive. Learn the symptoms and consequences of inappropriate defensiveness. This video shows that we all must be responsible for how we deliver AND receive messages.

  • You’re Not Listening (2nd Edition)

    You’re Not Listening (2nd Edition)

    In You’re Not Listening, a series of vignettes identify poor listening habits and demonstrate how they can be overcome because, fortunately, effective listening is easy and can be improved through practice.

  • Communication Nightmares: Solutions to Your Top Communication Problems

    Communication Nightmares: Solutions to Your Top Communication Problems

    Communicating with coworkers can sometimes be…a nightmare! Communication Nightmares shows specific examples of how to turn that challenging situation into an effective conversation.

  • A.C.E. It!  How To Solve Tough Workplace Problems

    A.C.E. It! How To Solve Tough Workplace Problems

    Does your organization recycle the same tired approaches to problems that never seem to go away? Equip your workforce with a proven problem-solving model to tackle poor quality, inefficiency, uneven performance and more.

  • 10 Vital Rules for Giving Incredible Speeches and Why They’re Irrelevant

    10 Vital Rules for Giving Incredible Speeches and Why They’re Irrelevant

    Tom Peters

    Tom Peters tackles the fear of public speaking with instruction and tips on how to relax and overcome the obstacles.

  • Customer Service: OR ELSE

    Customer Service: OR ELSE

    Peter Glen

    Watch this "call to arms" as told by an insightful and at times outrageous performer. Using examples of good and bad service, Glen shows you how to create Great Service.

  • Dancing With The Bogeyman

    Dancing With The Bogeyman

    Morris Massey

    "When the bogeyman comes knocking, you don’t have to fight, flee, or freeze - you can choose to dance. And, you get to lead." - Dr. Morris Massey.  Learn how to deal with stress and day-to-day real world challenges.

  • I’ll Be Back!
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    I’ll Be Back!

    Bob Farrell

    Opening over 150 restaurants without a single failure, including the enormously popular Farrells Ice Cream Parlor of the 1970’s, Farrell is a master of serving the customer.

  • Focus Your Vision

    Focus Your Vision

    Dewitt Jones

    "Dream the dream, find that extraordinary vision, and keep it in focus."

  • Forty Hours:  Invest In Yourself

    Forty Hours: Invest In Yourself

    This program will inspire employees to maximize their workdays and to take more ownership of their job satisfaction. A shift in attitude and perspective is the first critical step to improving the work experience.

  • From No to Yes

    From No to Yes

    The Constructive Route to Agreement
    Give managers the skills of persuasion, vital in running meetings or trying to influence others in this negotation training video

  • The Front of The Class
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    The Front of The Class

    The Front of the Class is a leadership and management training video that takes us back to school for a refresher course on being in charge. Learn the Four F's of a successful leader: Be First, Fair, Firm, and Flexible.

  • Going To A Meeting

    Going To A Meeting

    John Cleese

    Bored? Always arguing? Confused?
    How are YOU contributing to company meetings?
    Despite all the advances in communication technology, there is still no substitute for a group of people getting together. We need meetings. X

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