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  • Can You Spare a Moment?
    • 2001

    Can You Spare a Moment?

    John Cleese

    This new version of Can You Spare a Moment? with John Cleese focuses on developing counseling skills for managers.

  • Avoiding Attacks: Proper Techniques
    • 2001

    Avoiding Attacks: Proper Techniques

    This training program is the result of a nationwide study of assaults and dramatizes common tactical mistakes that result in officer injuries.

  • Avoiding Attacks: Proper Demeanor
    • 2001

    Avoiding Attacks: Proper Demeanor

    A primary finding of the national survey on assault is that officers must respect the basic dignity of inmates, or risk assault.

  • Crime Scene Responsibilities
    • 2001

    Crime Scene Responsibilities

    The correctional officer is generally the first official to appear at the scene of a crime committed in a correctional facility. The way the officer handles the situation may determine the success of the subsequent investigation.

  • Communication Skills
    • 2001

    Communication Skills

    Both successful and ineffective examples of communication between correctional staff and inmates are shown in the Communication Skills training program.

  • Decision Exercises
    • 2001

    Decision Exercises

    Dramatic vignettes illustrate twenty-one problem situations correctional officers face in their daily encounters with inmates.

  • Difficult Inmates
    • 2001

    Difficult Inmates

    Studies show that, sooner or later, every correctional officer will be confronted by an aggressive inmate.

  • Inmate Management
    • 2001

    Inmate Management

    In the field of corrections, mismanaging inmates can lead to riots and disaster. This program teaches officers how to address problems of discipline and manage inmates effectively.

  • Inmate Deceptions
    • 2001

    Inmate Deceptions

    In any correctional facility inmates are constantly inventing ways to use ordinary, easily obtained materials to make and conceal weapons, narcotics, and escape paraphernalia. In this program, correctional officers show the latest inmate techniques.

  • Interior Security Procedures
    • 2001

    Interior Security Procedures

    Conducting proper security inspections inside a corrections institution is vital in preventing escapes, controlling contraband, and maintaining the safety and security of the entire facility.

  • Interviewing Techniques
    • 2001

    Interviewing Techniques

    Officers will realize there's a lot to learn about interviewing to be effective.

  • Principles Of Security
    • 2001

    Principles Of Security

    Each correctional facility has its own unique security requirements, but the principles of security are the same everywhere.

  • Problem Exercises – Staff-Inmate Relations
    • 2001

    Problem Exercises – Staff-Inmate Relations

    A number of problem situations correctional officers encounter on the job are dramatized. After each situation, the video is stopped and officers are asked to assess the problem and decide how to handle it.

  • Sexual Harassment In Healthcare Is It Or Isn't It
    • 2001

    Sexual Harassment In Healthcare Is It Or Isn't It

    The Sexual Harassment In Healthcare Is It Or Isn't It training program illustrates 13 specific instances of sexual harassment and how to prevent it from happening in your workplace.

  • Power of Persuasion
    • 2001

    Power of Persuasion

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Robert Cialdini Regents' Professor, Arizona State University

  • How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People
    • 2001

    How Great Companies Achieve Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People

    In this program, Stanford professrt Dr. Charles O'Reilly argues that the source of sustained competitive advantage already exists within every organization.  Learn how to tap this resource! 

  • Successful Termination
    • 2001

    Successful Termination

    Terminations are tough. Learn how to do them properly with the Successful Termination training program.

  • More than A Gut Feeling III
    • 2000

    More than A Gut Feeling III

    The secret to a successful interview is simpler than you think.
    Learn helpful job-related interviewing techniques that will help you refrain from judging an applicant on gut feeling.

  • In This Together
    • 2000
    • CC

    In This Together

    Seven front line employees from a variety of businesses speak directly to their peers as they lay out the issues of respect, harassment and diversity head on in a question and answer format.

  • Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention, An Employee’s Responsibility
    • 2000
    • CC

    Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception & Prevention, An Employee’s Responsibility

    This program features 10 subtle sexual harassment vignettes designed to help viewers explore the question of welcomeness, appropriateness and the critical do and don'ts in preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. X

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