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  • Coaching New People
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    Coaching New People

    Learn how to give your new employees a head start;  Skills include: welcome them, give feedback, encourage new skills and be a good role model.

  • Diffusing Anger
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    Diffusing Anger

    It’s easy to escalate anger. It’s a skill to dissipate anger and remain calm. 

  • Enhancing Service
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    Enhancing Service

    Listen to customers, build rapport and demonstrate you care by being efficient, knowledgeable and a problem solver. 

  • Ensuring Security
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    Ensuring Security

    Staff must question strangers, check ID and speak up if they see something. 

  • Explaining Skillfully
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    Explaining Skillfully

    The art of explaining concepts and information is covered in four key steps about engagement, structure, maintaining interest and ensuring understanding. 

  • Facing Social Media
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    Facing Social Media

    Carol is concerned about excessive use of Facebook and Twitter at work, and initiates a social media policy, which Serena has observed is missing. Sam presents the new social media policy for the office, and they discuss inappropriate use. 

  • Handling Anyone Difficult
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    Handling Anyone Difficult

    We all have to deal with difficult people. Carlos complains to Steve about difficult people he has to contend with on a daily basis. 

  • Handling the New Wave
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    Handling the New Wave

    An amusing program about managing the expectations and behaviors of the newest recruits.

  • Listening Actively
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    Listening Actively

    Carol is very concerned because Marcus is not listening to her and after pointing it out they agree to listen to each other. Team members discuss the skills of listening.

  • Making Decisions
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    Making Decisions

    Serena is shocked to discover Marcus uses a decision-making toy to make random choices. Avoiding decisions weakens your position. Making good decisions keeps you strong.

  • Managing a Complainer
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    Managing a Complainer

    Marcus demonstrates his effective conflict resolution skills to bring the situation under control. Anger is an outward expression of discontent. Managing anger calmly and effectively is a life skill.

  • Mediating for Resolution
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    Mediating for Resolution

    Learn excellent skills for controlling respectful exchanges and facilitating solutions.

  • Negotiating for Results
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    Negotiating for Results

    A great negotiator shares the vision, and shows strength by being flexible.

  • Overcoming Setbacks
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    Overcoming Setbacks

    When facing setbacks recognize when you feel stuck and move forward. Going over and over a setback keeps you stuck in the past. Learn to overcome setbacks.

  • Preparing for Emergencies
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    Preparing for Emergencies

    Marcus sets up a dangerous evacuation drill with dire consequences. If only we had been prepared. Act now! Be safe not sorry.

  • Removing Tension
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    Removing Tension

    Create some team-building fun. Release tension and solve problems.

  • Resolving Conflict
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    Resolving Conflict

    A great program on essential skills for preventing and resolving conflict with best outcomes. Don’t let a conflict at work escalate. Learn to resolve issues effectively.

  • Responding Thoughtfully
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    Responding Thoughtfully

    When people listen supportively, they will respond thoughtfully. Listen supportively by clarifying, reflecting, advising with care and probing (CRAP). 

  • Sharing Feedback
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    Sharing Feedback

    Avoid defensiveness, be open to receiving and give specific balance feedback.

  • Stretching the Team
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    Stretching the Team

    Carol and Marcus discuss the benefits of exercising and Marcus introduces Brittany his trainer to the team to take them through a series of stretching exercises. X

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