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  • HIPAA: Security & Privacy for Home Healthcare
    • 2009

    HIPAA: Security & Privacy for Home Healthcare

    Walk your home health employees through the basics of the HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules.

  • Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers
    • 2009

    Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Robert Sapolsky Professor of Neurology, Neurological Sciences, Neurosurgery Stanford University

  • Judging Talent
    • 2009

    Judging Talent

    Hiring decisions and performance evaluations are affected by common biases, such as favoring tall or attractive candidates. In the Judging Talent program, Professor Flynn provides techniques for conducting objective employee evaluations. 

  • Power of Positive Discipline
    • 2009
    • CC

    Power of Positive Discipline

    Use the six-step process in the Power of Positive Discipline training program to turn problem employees into valuable contributors.

  • Everest - Creating Greatness
    • 2008

    Everest - Creating Greatness

    Erik Weihenmayer

    NEW Expanded Leadership Training Package!
    Leadership is a choice, not a position, as witnessed in the true story of blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer and the courageous team that got him to the top of Mt. Everest.

  • Managing Me
    • 2008
    • CC

    Managing Me

    The key to managing other people is learning how to manage you. As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. So…how do you react? Do you lead with your gut…or your head?

  • Moment of Truth
    • 2008

    Moment of Truth

    Life doesn’t come with a pause button. Ethical dilemmas demand instant clarity. Address this problem head-on by giving employees a practical guide for making better decisions.

  • A Clear Picture - Harassment In The Public Sector
    • 2008

    A Clear Picture - Harassment In The Public Sector

    This program provides instruction on harassment prevention and deals with issues like the No Fear Act and the Reasonable Person Standard, which are specific to the public sector.

  • Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace
    • 2008

    Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace

    Cam Marston

    Generation conflict costs billions of dollars in lost productivity to organizations like yours worldwide - not to mention the incalculable effects on motivation and morale.

  • 5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask
    • 2008

    5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

    Ed Oakley

    Engaging Your Team to Achieve Any Goal
    Today’s leaders face tremendous pressure to solve problems, achieve goals, manage change and improve productivity. This program illustrates how solutions can easily present themselves when leaders ask team members the right questions.

  • The Four Styles
    • 2008

    The Four Styles

    Do you want to be a better communicator? You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a tough time getting through to someone. One of the biggest problems in business today is getting along with and communicating with others.

  • Awesome!
    • 2008


    A unique, entertaining, and insightful view of Generation Y both from their own perspective and the perspective of older managers.

  • Is Good Enough?
    • 2008

    Is Good Enough?

    The concept of "good enough" is at the heart of all mediocrity. It can be a creeping influence in the workplace as well. This program explores the 0.1% result, if 99.9% is "good enough."

  • Drop by Drop
    • 2008

    Drop by Drop

    Don't let tiny prejudices destroy your organization!
    Drop by Drop demonstrates how the small slights, subtle discriminations and tiny injustices can add up to big problems in your workplace!

  • Beyond Words - For Managers
    • 2008

    Beyond Words - For Managers

    Managing employees successfully requires effective communication and interpersonal skills that go beyond the ordinary.

  • Wide Eyed
    • 2008

    Wide Eyed

    Jane Elliott

    New film featuring Jane Elliot from Blue Eyed
    In 1968, in response to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a third grade teacher, Ms. Jane Elliott, involved her students in an exercise in discrimination based on eye color.

  • It’s a Dog’s World
    • 2008

    It’s a Dog’s World

    New Release! 2nd Edition!
    This newly-updated version of a customer favorite shows that everyone employed in a medical office, hospital or clinic can make a difference in improving customer service.

  • The Guest 2E
    • 2008

    The Guest 2E

    Treat your customer like a Guest in your home.
    That’s the message behind this hilarious new version of the classic bestseller.

  • Ready. Set. CHANGE!
    • 2008

    Ready. Set. CHANGE!

    Reacting Smarter. Adapting Faster. Engaging Together.
    As organizations change with increasing speed, so does the pace in which employees must respond. Employees need the skills to react, adapt, and engage together.

  • A Second Chance
    • 2008

    A Second Chance

    Paul Hopkins

    A short film by Paul Hopkins & Joel Suzuki
    Based on the second chance choice Robert Frost made before he finally published, The Road Not Taken, this film will provide presenters with a tool to inspire people to take risks and move forward. X

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