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  • Diversity: Creating Success for Business and People SERIES

    Diversity: Creating Success for Business and People SERIES

    The "Diversity: Creating Success for Business and People" series offers you the opportunity to fully involve your employees in a revolutionary, experiential, exciting diversity management workshop.

  • Diversity: Maximizing Customer Satisfaction Through Valuing Employees

    Diversity: Maximizing Customer Satisfaction Through Valuing Employees

    Diversity Maximizing Customer Satisfaction Through Valuing Employees contains three video vignettes that examine diversity issues surrounding personnel procedures, minority issues, the glass ceiling and customer service.

  • Diversity: Respect at Work
    • 2013

    Diversity: Respect at Work

    Just as each instrument in a band is needed to weave a rich harmony, so does every employee in an organization contribute to its goals.

  • Diversity: The Real Scene
    • 2006

    Diversity: The Real Scene

    Diversity The Real Scene raises awareness about one of the most important issues in the workplace. By alerting your employees to potentially difficult situations, they’ll avoid harassing and disrespectful behaviors.

  • Do I Know You?

    Do I Know You?

    Defining, Discovering, and Deciding Whom to Hire
    Interviewing and hiring the right new employee for your organization is not just about finding someone, its about getting to know them.

  • Do Respect
    • 2011

    Do Respect

    How can you help people be respectful in just three minutes? Do Respect is a short, animated program that encourages employees to act in ways that enhance workplace culture.

  • Do Right I and II with Lou Holtz DVD Combo Package
    • 1991

    Do Right I and II with Lou Holtz DVD Combo Package

    Lou Holtz

    The Original Lou Holtz series!
    After nearly two decades of unprecedented success, Lou Holtz continues to inspire, motivate and educate the leaders of today and tomorrow.

  • Do Right I with Lou Holtz

    Do Right I with Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz shares his inspiration and commitment in this first video of the series to instill the spirit of teamwork and personal dedication. Either video can stand alone, or use them together.

  • Do Right II

    Do Right II

    Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz motivational video inspires listeners with a sense of teamwork, commitment to excellence, organizational loyalty, and personal dedication. Filmed in 1991, Do Right II continues to instill pride and dedication in executives, employees, students and athletes.

  • Do Right Series
    • 2006

    Do Right Series

    Lou Holtz

    This collection of the best-selling Do Right programs is a must for any training library! Includes Do Right I, Do Right II, and Do Right The Plan.

  • Do Right! The Plan
    • CC

    Do Right! The Plan

    Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz illustrates the way to apply common sense values to achieve individual and organizational success. Through trial and error, victory and defeat, every success begins with two things: a vision and a plan.

  • Do We Speak The Same Language?

    Do We Speak The Same Language?

    Should Language and Cultural Style Impact Performance Evaluations?
    Program 1 of the Building A Diverse Workforce For The Global Millennium Series. In the new global workplace, language issues will become a factor in performance appraisals.

  • Documenting Discipline II
    • 2006

    Documenting Discipline II

    This compelling new and revised DVD program demonstrates clearly and concisely how managers and supervisors should deal with employee performance issues that occur on a daily basis.

  • Doing Business in Argentina
    • 1996

    Doing Business in Argentina

    At the other end of the world, you'll discover an elegant country and a people fiercely proud of their rich European heritage. Your success depends on communication and international business etiquette.

  • Doing Business in Brazil
    • 1996

    Doing Business in Brazil

    There is only one Brazil, and to succeed here you must open up to this country and its passionate people.

  • Doing Business in Chile
    • 1996

    Doing Business in Chile

    Covers need-to-know best practices for doing business in Latin America: culture, communication, management, negotiation, international business etiquette training and more.

  • Doing Business in Indonesia
    • 1996

    Doing Business in Indonesia

    With the world's fourth-largest population, Indonesia is market you can't afford to miss. But to succeed here - and avoid costly failure - you need proper preparation.

  • Doing Business in Malaysia
    • 1996

    Doing Business in Malaysia

    To succeed in Malaysia - and avoid costly failure - you need proper preparation. Topics covered include culture, etiquette, communication, negotiation, management and more. 

  • Doing Business in Mexico
    • 1996

    Doing Business in Mexico

    Join us on an exciting visit to intriguing Mexico, where you'll gain valuable insight into this important market and its diverse people.

  • Doing Business in Singapore
    • 1996

    Doing Business in Singapore

    To survive in Southeast Asia's business center, you need proper training. Topics covered include culture, communication, negotiation, management, international business etiquette training, and more. X

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