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  • Going To A Meeting

    Going To A Meeting

    John Cleese

    Bored? Always arguing? Confused?
    How are YOU contributing to company meetings?
    Despite all the advances in communication technology, there is still no substitute for a group of people getting together. We need meetings.

  • Golf & the Art Of Customer Service
    • 2009

    Golf & the Art Of Customer Service

    Strategies For Branding Exemplary Customer Service
    Do you know if your customer service is great, mediocre or poor?

  • Golf Cart and Low Speed Vehicle Safety

    Golf Cart and Low Speed Vehicle Safety

    Golf carts aren't just for the links anymore. Many industries use these and other low-speed vehicles. Learn ten basic safety rules for golf cart operation.

  • Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Master the Art of Leadership
    • 2010

    Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Master the Art of Leadership

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Robert Sutton Professor of Management Science, Stanford University

  • Good People, Bad Choices - Ethics in the Workplace
    • 2006

    Good People, Bad Choices - Ethics in the Workplace

    A Guide to Ethical Decision Making . Almost every day, we hear of an organization being accused of ethical misconduct. Yet, in most cases, we are not talking about bad people. It’s usually good people that make bad choices.

  • Government Employee Training Series
    • 2011

    Government Employee Training Series

    The programs in the Government Employee Training Series provide both a thorough orientation to government employment for new city, county, state and federal employees as well as insightful refresher training for experienced employees.

  • GroupThink - 2nd Edition
    • 1992

    GroupThink - 2nd Edition

    People often seek unanimous agreement in spite of facts pointing to another conclusion. The phenomenon is called groupthink. And this absorbing, award-winning video is the most definitive ever on the subject.

  • H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)
    • 2009

    H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)

    What You Need To Know
    There is widespread concern over the risk of exposure to the deadly H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu). The virus has one trait that could turn it into a global health emergency: the ability to spread from human to human.

  • Half Full - Bring Optimism to Work

    Half Full - Bring Optimism to Work

    Life is good

    A positive, optimistic outlook at work and in life is a critical factor in personal and professional success.  No matter what happens, this sense of optimism can motivate and inspire everyone around you to higher levels of achievement and contentment.

  • Handle with Care: Forklift Safety Training
    • CC

    Handle with Care: Forklift Safety Training

    Handle with Care: Forklift Safety Training will educate your employees on the most common type of equipment - the sit down, counter balanced forklift. 

  • Handling a School Shooting
    • 2010

    Handling a School Shooting

    The Handling a School Shooting training program discusses the techniques and procedures to follow while handling a dynamic shooting incident in a school environment.

  • Handling Anyone Difficult
    • CC

    Handling Anyone Difficult

    We all have to deal with difficult people. Carlos complains to Steve about difficult people he has to contend with on a daily basis. 

  • Handling Prisoner Dangers
    • 2000

    Handling Prisoner Dangers

    Every law enforcement officer knows he or she could die while handling prisoners. Why? What goes wrong? As a result of this study and the Handling Prisoner Dangers training program,many answers are now available.

  • Handling the New Wave
    • CC

    Handling the New Wave

    An amusing program about managing the expectations and behaviors of the newest recruits.

  • Handling Tricky Appraisals
    • 2012

    Handling Tricky Appraisals

    Carol rates herself high but her performance appraisal is full of conflict and surprise.

  • Handling Undercover Contacts
    • 2010

    Handling Undercover Contacts

    Discusses tactics to be employed by both uniform and undercover officers to avoid misidentification, officer safety problems and conflict.

  • Handling Vicious Dogs
    • 2000

    Handling Vicious Dogs

    The Handling Vicious Dogs training program explains how to deal with vicious dogs and ways to avoid confrontations.

  • Happiness Matters
    • 2011

    Happiness Matters

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Tony Hsieh CEO, Zappos

  • Harassment - A New Look for Employees
    • 2010

    Harassment - A New Look for Employees

    New Harassment Training!
    Bullying, cyber bullying, sexting, and discrimination of younger workers are just a few of the recent and pervasive manifestations of harassment and hostile environments.

  • Harassment and Discrimination Is...

    Harassment and Discrimination Is...

    By now, you probably know what sexual harassment is. But there's more to harassment than you may think. X

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