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  • Inmate Management
    • 2001

    Inmate Management

    In the field of corrections, mismanaging inmates can lead to riots and disaster. This program teaches officers how to address problems of discipline and manage inmates effectively.

  • Innovate or Die

    Innovate or Die

    Tom Peters

    in a keynote address Tom Peters addresses change, innovation and radical adaptation. Learn to push beyond TQM and into realms of excellent design and passionate customer service takes decisive action NOW

  • Innovation at the Verge with Joel Barker
    • 2009

    Innovation at the Verge with Joel Barker

    Joel Barker

    Joel Barker has always believed the future is something you create, not something that happens to you.

  • Innovation Engine
    • 2012

    Innovation Engine

    Tina Seelig Executive Director, Stanford Technology Ventures Program shows how we can all learn how to become more innovative.. 

  • Inside Information

    Inside Information

    A silo-buster's guide to internal customer service
    Most organizations recognize that exceptional service is vital to winning and retaining customers - but very few treat their internal customers with the same level of respect.

  • Insights to Better Mentoring
    • 2005

    Insights to Better Mentoring

    Insights to Better Mentoring is an educational video that presents 4 successful mentors and their mentees in a revealing and insightful exposé of what works best in these complex but essential relationships.

  • Inspired School Year Engagement Package

    Inspired School Year Engagement Package

    Dewitt Jones

    By utilizing new materials created specifically for Educators, this package gives you endless training options to use throughout the school year.

  • Integrity Every Day
    • 2007

    Integrity Every Day

    Real Choices. Right Decisions.
    Promoting Ethical Conduct, quality, and excellence - Specifically for Healthcare Professionals

  • Integrity Is...

    Integrity Is...

    This short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to inspire and stimulate discussion about business ethics within your organization.

  • Interior Security Procedures
    • 2001

    Interior Security Procedures

    Conducting proper security inspections inside a corrections institution is vital in preventing escapes, controlling contraband, and maintaining the safety and security of the entire facility.

  • Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts

    Interviewing and Termination Do's and Don'ts

    Give managers the planning and preparation tools they need to successfully deal with any difficult termination or interviewing situation they face.

  • Interviewing Is...

    Interviewing Is...

    Great short program that drives home the importance of the interview process and hiring the right person based on key attributes.

  • Interviewing Techniques
    • 2001

    Interviewing Techniques

    Officers will realize there's a lot to learn about interviewing to be effective.

  • Interviewing the Elderly
    • 2000

    Interviewing the Elderly

    The Interviewing the Elderly training program discusses considerations that interviewers should be aware of when speaking with elder victims. Addresses both physical and social concerns.

  • Introducing TrainFlix

    Introducing TrainFlix

    Training your employees just got easier with TrainFlix!
    One Price. Hundreds of Courses.
    Unlimited Access. Watch from Anywhere.

  • INVISIBLE Meeting
    • 2009
    • CC

    INVISIBLE Meeting

    How productive was your last conference call?
    As travel costs rise and budgets shrink, conference calls are rapidly replacing face-to-face meetings. Many people have not learned the skills needed to make this type of meeting effective.

  • Invisible Rules – Revised Edition

    Invisible Rules – Revised Edition

    Pat Heim

    Men, Women and Teams
    What seems natural to one gender can seem mysterious and baffling to the other. Dr. Heim provides the basis for better understanding, communication and teamwork.

  • Is Good Enough
    • CC

    Is Good Enough

    Nicholas Boothman

    Learn how to naturally make a genuine connection with patients, family members, and co-workers from expert Nicholas Boothman.

  • Is Good Enough?
    • 2008

    Is Good Enough?

    The concept of "good enough" is at the heart of all mediocrity. It can be a creeping influence in the workplace as well. This program explores the 0.1% result, if 99.9% is "good enough."

  • Is It Bias? Making Diversity Work
    • 2010

    Is It Bias? Making Diversity Work

    Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.

    A new DVD-based course to define, recognize, and reduce bias in the workplace.
    Is It Bias? Making Diversity Work targets the more subtle forms of bias that insidiously undermine our ability to build truly inclusive workplaces. X

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