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  • Little Big Things: Strategy

    Little Big Things: Strategy

    Tom Peters

    You will soon be thinking about your brand, how and why your teams are formed, where to find your future markets, and even about the location of your desk!

  • Little Big Things: YOU

    Little Big Things: YOU

    Tom Peters

    What does your calendar say about you? What books have you read lately? Tom Peters uses his decades of experience to show you things you can start doing TODAY to achieve excellence.

  • Little Things Mean a Lot

    Little Things Mean a Lot

    From Microinequities to Micro-affirmations With Brigid Moynahan
    The "little things" are behaviors we all use, intentionally and unintentionally. They can make our organizations highly productive or erode their power.

  • Lockout Tagout - Affected and Authorized Employees
    • CC

    Lockout Tagout - Affected and Authorized Employees

    One of our best selling programs has been updated with exciting new videos for both Lockout Tagout: Authorized Employees and Lockout Tagout: Affected Employees. 

  • Looking Forward
    • 2007

    Looking Forward

    Your Performance Appraisal
    Everyone knows that managers need to be trained to lead successful performance appraisal meetings. But did you ever consider the other side of the table?

  • Love & Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership

    Love & Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership

    James Autrey

    During his twenty-eight years as a business leader, James Autry learned and practiced the art of caring leadership on a day to day, person to person basis.

  • Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers
    • CC

    Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers

    John O’Hurley

    John O'Hurley's Message will be music to your ears in this humorous customer service training package, "Love Your Customers" and "Love Your Difficult Customers!" Laugh as you learn the essential basics of excellent customer service. 

  • Love ’Em or Lose ’Em: Employee Retention Trainer’s Toolkit

    Love ’Em or Lose ’Em: Employee Retention Trainer’s Toolkit

    Sharon Evans/Beverly Kay

    This Trainer's Toolkit® was created in cooperation with employee retention experts Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans, talented authors of the book Love 'Em or Lose 'Em: Getting Good People to Stay.

  • M.E.E.T. Breaking New Ground

    M.E.E.T. Breaking New Ground

    Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace
    Assist employees at all levels in learning how to recognize, respond to, and resolve situations arising from individual and cultural differences in a manner that promotes respectful outcomes, cooperation and teamwork.

  • M.E.E.T. on Common Ground
    • 2003

    M.E.E.T. on Common Ground

    Teach employees to recognize and respond to inappropriate or illegal diversity situations professionally...and with respect.

  • M.E.E.T. Zero Tolerance

    M.E.E.T. Zero Tolerance

    Enforcing Zero Tolerance with Fairness & Respect
    Enforcing a zero tolerance policy can put managers and supervisors in a tough position.

  • Mad About Customer Service

    Mad About Customer Service

    In the midst of a negative customer service encounter, even the best intentions of a CSR can be misinterpreted. Help your staff avoid common mistakes, maintain control and create winning outcomes.

  • Make It Matter

    Make It Matter

    How to Make Yourself and Your Organization Essential
    How would people describe you? Would they use words like vital, significant, and valuable? If not, you may be lacking the presence you need for long-term success.

  • Making A Good Impression

    Making A Good Impression

    Cross-Cultural Conflicts in Global Interviews and Recruitment
    Program #14 of the Building A Diverse Workforce For The Global Millennium Series. As organizations become more global, the challenges of hiring employees can be magnified.

  • Making Decisions
    • CC

    Making Decisions

    Serena is shocked to discover Marcus uses a decision-making toy to make random choices. Avoiding decisions weakens your position. Making good decisions keeps you strong.

  • Making It Fit: Improving Our Office Comfort
    • CC

    Making It Fit: Improving Our Office Comfort

    Covers ergonomics in the office environment and how to avoid the fatigue, strain and stress that can result from the poor office setup. 

  • Manage Your Time Better

    Manage Your Time Better

    Time waits for no man, but you can catch up!  Faster. Sooner. Better. More. Now. Yesterday! Can you ever get it all done?

  • Manager or Mouse

    Manager or Mouse

    Watch as Louie improves his operations and ultimately his customer service in this witty video about a carpet installation company.

  • Manager's Collection

    Manager's Collection

    These eight top-selling management training DVDs provide proven techniques that are guaranteed to improve productivity and people skills for new managers and seasoned veterans.

  • Manager's Training Video Library

    Manager's Training Video Library

    Improve your management team with the new Manager's Library. Comprised of 10 DVDs and 10 books, this library will help your managers get the needed jump on the competition. X

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