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  • Managing Me
    • 2008
    • CC

    Managing Me

    The key to managing other people is learning how to manage you. As the leader of any group, problems are inevitable. So…how do you react? Do you lead with your gut…or your head?

  • Managing People

    Managing People

    Use this management training video to learn how a "people-first" approach can increase loyalty, retention, and productivity in your workforce.

  • Managing the Drug-Free Workplace
    • CC

    Managing the Drug-Free Workplace

    Managers need to know how to respond when their workgroup is affected by drugs or alcohol. Learn what to look for and how proper intervention can help.

  • Managing the Genie: Six Part CBRN Terrorism Awareness Training Series for Public Safety and Medical Personnel
    • 2000

    Managing the Genie: Six Part CBRN Terrorism Awareness Training Series for Public Safety and Medical Personnel

    The purpose of this excellent series is to acquaint Emergency First Responders with the information needed to safely handle a mass destructive attack.

  • Managing the Millennials

    Managing the Millennials

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Alec Levenson Senior Research Scientist, University of Southern California

  • Managing the Workplace Bully
    • 2013
    • CC

    Managing the Workplace Bully

    Use the Managing the Workplace Bully training program to learn how to stop bullying behavior and turn a dysfunctional environment into a healthy, productive and pleasant place to work.

  • MAPS eLearning

    MAPS eLearning

    Engaging, Interactive MAPS eLearning

  • MediaPartners Sale

    MediaPartners Sale

    There is no quantity limit, but there is a time limit so hurry!
    Education Sale!
    Offer expires June 30, 2018. No other discounts apply.

  • Mediating for Resolution
    • CC

    Mediating for Resolution

    Learn excellent skills for controlling respectful exchanges and facilitating solutions.

  • Medication Management: You Can Prevent Errors
    • CC

    Medication Management: You Can Prevent Errors

    Preventing medication errors promotes patient safety.

  • Meeting Management Challenges 1
    • 2012
    • CC

    Meeting Management Challenges 1

    Meeting Management Challenges 1 teaches managers how to deal with: posting inappropriate information on social media Web sites, breaches in confidentiality, covering up mistakes, downturns in performance, and workplace bullying. 

  • Meeting Management Challenges 2
    • 2012

    Meeting Management Challenges 2

    Workplaces are fast-paced, challenging, and diverse environments that can create conflict and misunderstanding. Successful resolution of problems among colleagues is a vital aspect of good management. 

  • Meetings Bloody Meetings

    Meetings Bloody Meetings

    John Cleese

    Making Meetings More Productive
    John Cleese shows you how to make the most of your meetings in this classic bestseller!

  • Meetings Bloody Meetings 2012

    Meetings Bloody Meetings 2012

    John Cleese

    How to Make Meetings More Productive
    Make your meetings more productive with the 2012 edition of Meetings Bloody Meetings - the number one best-selling training program of all time, starring John Cleese as the Judge.

  • Memorial Hospital and HealthWorks Kids Museum: Turning Work Assignments into WOW Projects
    • CC

    Memorial Hospital and HealthWorks Kids Museum: Turning Work Assignments into WOW Projects

    Tom Peters

    Develop your projects by learning how to really innovate through the WOW project style with Tom Peters' case study of Healthworks from his latest book.

  • Mindset Matters

    Mindset Matters

    Shawn Achor

    Part of The Happiness Advantage training program.
    Mindset Matters shows that when we believe good things will happen and express faith in our own abilities, we’re actually more likely to succeed.

  • Minimizing Gender Bias in the Workplace
    • 2013

    Minimizing Gender Bias in the Workplace

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Shelley Correll Director, Layman Institute, Professor of Sociology, Stanford University

  • Mining Talent
    • 2011

    Mining Talent

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    George Anders Author and Founding Writer, Bloomberg View

  • Miracle on the Hudson
    • 2011

    Miracle on the Hudson

    Captain Sully Sullenberger

    Prepare For Safety Use the compelling, real-life story in Miracle On The Hudson Prepare For Safety to help your team develop the right attitude and better prepare themselves for the unexpected.

  • Miracle On The Hudson Series

    Miracle On The Hudson Series

    Captain Sully Sullenberger

    In the Miracle On The Hudson Series, join Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger as he relives the fateful day that he was forced to land Flight 1549 in the Hudson River. X

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