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  • A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    BJ Gallagher

    Designed for all levels of the organization, this animated program teaches us to appreciate those whose backgrounds or personalities are different from our own.

  • Beyond Words -  Hiring and Interviewing

    Beyond Words - Hiring and Interviewing

    3 Part Series
    Applicants can give good answers but their body language may convey doubt or deception. Learn the nonverbal body cues that can help anyone make a more informed hiring decision!

  • Leadership with John Kotter

    Leadership with John Kotter

    John P. Kotter

    Best-selling business author John Kotter offers the essential guide to developing the natural talents of managers and staff into leadership skills throughout your organization.

  • Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable Team

    Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable Team

    Chilean Mine Rescue The Unstoppable Team is a new training video that holds many lessons for teams everywhere to achive success through adversity.

  • Corporate Culture and Performance

    Corporate Culture and Performance

    John P. Kotter

    Harvard Business School professor and best selling author, John Kotter identifies the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy corporate cultures and then guides you through a process which will positively transform the culture within your organization.

  • Change Can Be Good starring The Stapler Guy

    Change Can Be Good starring The Stapler Guy

    In this meeting video, you will meet the "The Stapler Guy" who despite his nightmare about the introduction of a new stapler learns that change can be good! But you may have to give it a try first!

  • Beyond Words for Healthcare

    Beyond Words for Healthcare

    A Body Language Guide for Healthcare Professionals In this program, you will understand the key body language cues that communicate proper bedside manners while still maintaining business efficiency.

  • Beyond Words: Customer Service and Sales Series

    Beyond Words: Customer Service and Sales Series

    Are you ready to take your organization to the next level of sales and customer service? Learn to go BEYOND WORDS and communicate more effectively with every customer by having deeper understanding of nonverbal communication.

  • Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers
    • CC

    Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers

    John O’Hurley

    John O'Hurley's Message will be music to your ears in this humorous customer service training package, "Love Your Customers" and "Love Your Difficult Customers!" Laugh as you learn the essential basics of excellent customer service. 

  • What’s Your Pickle? starring Bob Farrell

    What’s Your Pickle? starring Bob Farrell

    Bob Farrell

    Bob is back, and he’s more entertaining than ever. This time he hits the road in a fun-filled search for the secrets of the world-class pickle givers. You’ll love the stories!

  • Top Performer

    Top Performer

    Carr Hagerman

    A Bold Approach to Sales and Service
    Top Performer introduces the power of Natural Energy and how the wisdom of street performers can help you and your company or organization.

  • Let’s Face It

    Let’s Face It

    With potential liabilities growing, it’s important to make sure everyone in a leadership position understands the importance of their actions - and their key part in eliminating harassment from the workplace.

  • Customer Service To The Rescue!
    • CC

    Customer Service To The Rescue!

    Federico Muchnik, writer/director

    When Wilfred Jameson's parachute fails to open, he's in trouble. But customer service representative Henry Hawks knows just what to do, or does he? You'll hit the ground laughing as the scene unfolds – and as the tension builds.

  • Sell?
    • CC


    Federico Muchnik, writer/director

    Don't be SELL-fish. Watch this ex-SELL-ent video and SELL-ebrate every salesperson in your company! You'll be ab-SELL-utley SpELL-bound as you watch this SwELL program!

  • Another Meeting?
    • CC

    Another Meeting?

    Federico Muchnik, writer/director

    Watch how a meeting that starts with mundane information can be transformed. This over-the-top video will motivate everyone to have better meetings – and you’ll laugh, too!

  • Do I Know You?

    Do I Know You?

    Defining, Discovering, and Deciding Whom to Hire
    Interviewing and hiring the right new employee for your organization is not just about finding someone, its about getting to know them.

  • Seeing Red Cars

    Seeing Red Cars

    Laura Goodrich

    Hosted by Laura Goodrich, this program helps you make better decisions, combat negativity, and create a positive environment through focusing on what you do want instead of focusing on what you don't!

  • Get On The Right Bus with Coach K
    • CC

    Get On The Right Bus with Coach K

    Mike “Coach K” Krzyzewski

    Mike "Coach K" Krzyzewski believes in the power of words - words that can change lives and make individuals, teams and organizations successful.

  • The Excellence Files - Southwest Airlines

    The Excellence Files - Southwest Airlines

    Herb Kelleher

    Company Culture: Out of the Ordinary
    Watch Herb Kelleher and the Southwest Team as they break records in customer service, and have fun at work!

  • Your Summit Awaits

    Your Summit Awaits

    Jamie Clark

    New Revised Version!
    To get to the highest point on Earth, it takes a lot more than strength and skill. It takes honesty, trust, passion, and perspective. X

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