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  • Power of Positive Discipline
    • 2009
    • CC

    Power of Positive Discipline

    Use the six-step process in the Power of Positive Discipline training program to turn problem employees into valuable contributors.

  • Power: How to Get It, Use It, and Keep It
    • 2010

    Power: How to Get It, Use It, and Keep It

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Jeffrey Pfeffer Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Preparing for Emergencies
    • CC

    Preparing for Emergencies

    Marcus sets up a dangerous evacuation drill with dire consequences. If only we had been prepared. Act now! Be safe not sorry.

  • Prescription For Change: Total Quality in Healthcare

    Prescription For Change: Total Quality in Healthcare

    Dick Ruhe

    Today, health care professionals are facing the unique challenge of maintaining or increasing the quality of care while reducing costs. Prescription for Change explores the quality systems and training that are key to meeting this goal.

  • Presentation is Everything

    Presentation is Everything

    Help individuals structure and deliver effective presentations: and avoid death by PowerPoint!

  • Presenting with Passion
    • CC

    Presenting with Passion

    Making a boring presentation is stressful. Inspiring others with your words is fun.

  • Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Work Place

    Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Work Place

    This self-study training program helps both the employer and employee know what they should do if they encounter sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Preventing Accidental Discharges
    • 2000

    Preventing Accidental Discharges

    The Preventing Accidental Discharges training program demonstrates safety techniques to prevent accidental discharges from semi-automatic handguns, specifically the Beretta.

  • Preventing and Managing Stress

    Preventing and Managing Stress

    This stress prevention video shows you the causes of stress and how to reduce its impact on your life.

  • Preventing Hand Injuries
    • CC

    Preventing Hand Injuries

    Hand injuries on the job can happen for many different reasons and the results of those injuries can be life-changing. In less than a second, hands can be cut, crushed, burned or even worse.

  • Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace
    • 2007

    Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace

    Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace Recognize. Respond. Resolve. The strongest weapon you have in preventing retaliation in your workplace is training your employees.

  • Preventing Slips Trips and Falls - General Industry
    • CC

    Preventing Slips Trips and Falls - General Industry

    Provides detailed information about how to create a safe environment for both employees and customers. 

  • Preventing Workplace Bullying
    • 2012

    Preventing Workplace Bullying

    Through vignettes that illustrate bullying on the part of both leaders and co-workers, this program teaches viewers that the keys to preventing workplace bullying.

  • Principles of Probable Cause
    • 2000

    Principles of Probable Cause

    The Principles of Probable Cause training program teaches by scenarios, the principles of detaining suspects for probable cause.

  • Principles Of Security
    • 2001

    Principles Of Security

    Each correctional facility has its own unique security requirements, but the principles of security are the same everywhere.

  • Problem Exercises – Staff-Inmate Relations
    • 2001

    Problem Exercises – Staff-Inmate Relations

    A number of problem situations correctional officers encounter on the job are dramatized. After each situation, the video is stopped and officers are asked to assess the problem and decide how to handle it.

  • Problem Solving For First Line Supervisors

    Problem Solving For First Line Supervisors

    This program will improve the problem solving skills of both new and experienced supervisors by allowing them the opportunity to fine-tune their decision-making skills in the non-threatening environment of the classroom.

  • Professional Email Etiquette

    Professional Email Etiquette

    Avoid embarrassing errors and make your best impression on customers and colleagues.

  • Professionalism 101
    • CC

    Professionalism 101

    The Professionalism Series provides essential information on the big issues like dress codes and asking for a raise as well as on matters seldom covered like dealing with office politics and surprise visits from higher-ups.

  • Proper Lifting Techniques

    Proper Lifting Techniques

    Keeping Your Workplace Safe: You can’t rely on instinct when it comes to lifting properly. Learn techniques for lifting heavy or oversized objects. X

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