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  • The Stolen Eye
    • 2002

    The Stolen Eye

    Jane Elliott

    Viewers of The Stolen Eye will feel less defensive and freer to discuss their own experiences of discrimination as analogous but not redundant to those of the film’s participants. This is a must-buy for any of Jane Elliott’s many admirers.

  • Substance Abuse: Awareness & Intervention
    • 2002

    Substance Abuse: Awareness & Intervention

    Helping fellow employees overcome substance abuse is the focus of this video program.

  • Glad I Could Help
    • 2002

    Glad I Could Help

    Real Customer Service Situations for Discussion
    There’s no tougher business situation than dealing with an angry customer. Now, you can equip employees to handle those calls and confrontations without getting rattled.

  • FISH! For Schools
    • 2002

    FISH! For Schools

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Welcome back to the reason you became an educator.
    FISH! for Schools will help you build a great school culture—or strengthen the great culture you already have.

  • Whale Done!
    • 2002
    • CC

    Whale Done!

    Ken Blanchard

    The Power of Positive Relationships

  • Retail Learning Library
    • 2002

    Retail Learning Library

    The Retail Learning Library is a Series that covers orientation, selling skills, customer service, recruiting, leadership, loss prevention, and harassment & discrimination.

  • Building Your Team
    • 2002

    Building Your Team

    Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring
    Great teams don't just happen - they are carefully crafted over time. This program presents the simple techniques you can use anywhere to meet new recruits and get them interested in joining your team.

  • The S.T.O.P. Shop
    • 2002

    The S.T.O.P. Shop

    Shrinkage Training and Orientation Program
    Topics include dealing with short change artists, spotting shoplifters, combating theft through positive customer service, and many more.

  • Welcome to the Team
    • 2002

    Welcome to the Team

    This program discusses the basics of retail employment. Topics presented include job responsibilities, basic loss prevention, appearance and dress code, and safety.

  • Zero Tolerance
    • 2002

    Zero Tolerance

    Harassment and Discrimination in Retail
    This meeting opener covers definitions, inappropriate behaviors, what to do if you observe a problem, and what to do if you feel harassed.

  • Customer Service Training Series
    • 2002

    Customer Service Training Series

    How to Achieve Consistent Excellence in Customer Service
    The 3 programs in this series offer real-life examples and give you specific steps to implement in your organization.

  • Ethics 4 Everyone
    • 2003

    Ethics 4 Everyone

    Ethics 4 Everyone beautifully illustrates the cause-and-effect of corporate and individual responsibility, offering do-able solutions, including how to make decisions that ensure a greater ethical response to business issues.

  • M.E.E.T. on Common Ground
    • 2003

    M.E.E.T. on Common Ground

    Teach employees to recognize and respond to inappropriate or illegal diversity situations professionally...and with respect.

  • Sexual Harassment?  You Decide
    • 2003

    Sexual Harassment? You Decide

    Real Situations for Discussion
    Sexual Harassment? You Decide is ideally used for reinforcement training or as a part of your overall harassment-prevention curriculum.

  • Time Of Your Life (New):  The Fundamentals of Time Management
    • 2003

    Time Of Your Life (New): The Fundamentals of Time Management

    "If you feel like you’re racing around the clock in circles and getting nowhere, learn to manage your time right now! If You are wasting your time, you are wasting your life." Alan Lakein

  • What Do You Say?
    • 2003
    • CC

    What Do You Say?

    What Do You Say? Training Video puts employees on the hot seat as they are challenged with more than 30 awkward, intimidating, sometimes overwhelming customer situations.

  • Who’s On First
    • 2003

    Who’s On First

    Abbott and Costello’s famous routine-the only comedy routine in the Baseball Hall of Fame-is a wonderful way to begin any session on communication skills, listening, conflict resolution, teamwork, and more!

  • Accountability That Works!
    • 2003

    Accountability That Works!

    Accountability That Works! will provide everyone in your organization with the tools they need for a greater sense of empowerment, effectiveness and increased productivity.

  • A.C.T. with Integrity
    • 2003

    A.C.T. with Integrity

    Discrimination. Theft. Dishonesty. Are your employees prepared to face ethical issues and respond in ways that meet the high standards of your organization and adhere to the letter of the law? They can when they A.C.T.

  • Sexual Harassment: New Perspectives
    • 2003

    Sexual Harassment: New Perspectives

    The cost of sexual harassment extends beyond the monetary and takes a significant toll on employee morale and retention. Sexual Harassment New Perspectives drives home key training points by focusing on the perspective of the victim. X

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