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  • The Encouraging Manager
    • 1999

    The Encouraging Manager

    Offers practical action steps that every viewer, from the newly promoted supervisor to the seasoned manager, can follow to create a workplace where employees feel empowered, informed, and invaluable.

  • The Entrepreneurs: An American Adventure

    The Entrepreneurs: An American Adventure

    Robert Mitchum

    The six-part documentary series that captures the bold spirit of the men & women who embraced the American dream to shape this nation's economic course. Learn About Rockefeller, Carnegie, Edison, McCormack, Sears, and many more leaders

  • The Essentials Series

    The Essentials Series

    Training takes time, and time is precious. The Essentials Series delivers swift, concise learning in the form of bite-size videos that are accessible at the point of need, relevant and rewarding - and all online.

  • The Excellence Files

    The Excellence Files

    To continue on from Tom Peter's "In Search of Excellence", this video will provide you and your audience with insights into business and the future with these 8 case studies.

  • The Excellence Files - Southwest Airlines

    The Excellence Files - Southwest Airlines

    Herb Kelleher

    Company Culture: Out of the Ordinary
    Watch Herb Kelleher and the Southwest Team as they break records in customer service, and have fun at work!

  • The Fatal Interview
    • CC

    The Fatal Interview

    Recruiting People Of Color
    Program #11 of the Building A Diverse Workforce For The Global Millennium Series. In this segment, you’ll see how shortcomings in the interviewing process can impact the recruitment of diverse employees.

  • The File Series

    The File Series

    This three part training program shows you excellence at work.  Learn the core skills for successful customer service, teams, and leadership through these case studies of business excellence.   

  • The Four Styles
    • 2008

    The Four Styles

    Do you want to be a better communicator? You’re not alone if you’ve ever had a tough time getting through to someone. One of the biggest problems in business today is getting along with and communicating with others.

  • The Front of The Class
    • CC

    The Front of The Class

    The Front of the Class is a leadership and management training video that takes us back to school for a refresher course on being in charge. Learn the Four F's of a successful leader: Be First, Fair, Firm, and Flexible.

  • The Gift of Feedback with Marshall Goldsmith
    • 1997

    The Gift of Feedback with Marshall Goldsmith

    Marshall Goldsmith

    Understanding and Using Feedback for Personal Growth
    If another person had a gift that could make you a better teammate, leader, friend or parent, would you ask for it?

  • The Goal - Dramatic Version
    • 1995

    The Goal - Dramatic Version

    The Goal shows your employees how to think logically and consistently to determine "cause and effect" relationships between their actions and the results.

  • The Grapevine
    • 1996

    The Grapevine

    John Cleese

    Communicating in a World of Change
    Avoid creating the situation in which employees spread rumors to fill the gap left by a lack of formal communication.

  • The Guest
    • CC

    The Guest

    The Guest is a Classic customer service training program! Using humor, you will learn how to treat customers like guests in your home.

  • The Guest 2E
    • 2008

    The Guest 2E

    Treat your customer like a Guest in your home.
    That’s the message behind this hilarious new version of the classic bestseller.

  • The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor
    • CC

    The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor

    Shawn Achor

    The Happiness Advantage training video gives everyone in your organization a formula for improving productivity, overcoming challenges and improving teamwork – all while improving their mindset.

  • The Helping Hand - Coaching Skills for Managers

    The Helping Hand - Coaching Skills for Managers

    John Cleese

    To ensure managers identify skills needs in their teams, and act upon them in order to improve people's performance with John Cleese.

  • The HR Case File Series with Catherine Crier

    The HR Case File Series with Catherine Crier

    Catherine Crier

    The H.R. Case Files programs on Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and Sexual Harassment are all now available in DVD format.

  • The Inspiring Leader
    • 2009

    The Inspiring Leader

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Jack Zenger, PhD Cofounder and CEO, Zenger Folkman

  • The Keys to Effective Supervision - How to Build a High-Performance Workforce

    The Keys to Effective Supervision - How to Build a High-Performance Workforce

    Develop the critical skills you need to be a truly effective leader: communicate with clarity, make effective and timely decisions, recruit, train, motivate and retain a successful workforce!

  • The Leadership Pickles
    • CC

    The Leadership Pickles

    Bob Farrell

    Bob Farrell is back with more insight to being a great manager in a great company! X

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