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Jamie Clark

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  • Your Summit Awaits

    Your Summit Awaits

    Jamie Clark

    New Revised Version!
    To get to the highest point on Earth, it takes a lot more than strength and skill. It takes honesty, trust, passion, and perspective.

Jamie ClarkJamie Clarke is an adventurer, as well as gifted author and speaker. While Jamie continues to embark on new adventures, he also travels throughout Canada and the United States telling his inspirational stories to organizations both large and small.

Jamie’s passion for adventure began when he was a toddler riding in a bobsled through the Rocky Mountains of Canada. This passion has been present in every endeavor he has undertaken.

In 1991, Jamie was nominated for the Order of Canada for his role in enabling the first live broadcasts to Canada from Mount Everest. With 25 years of mountain experience, this three time ski champion has reached five of the highest "Seven Summits" in the world: Mount Aconcagua (1993), Mount McKinley (1996), Mount Everest (1997) Mount Kilimanjaro (2001), Mount Elbrus (2002), and Vinson Massif (2005). He was the ninth Canadian to summit Everest and one of three Westerners to cross Arabia’s Empty Quarter in 50 years.

Jamie coauthored The Power of Passion, the story of his first two Everest expeditions, and has produced three documentary films, two of which have been broadcast by National Geographic. He also authored the book Everest to Arabia in January 2001.

Jamie lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife and two children. X

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