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John Sweeney

John Sweeney Videos and DVDs

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  • Change and Innovation through Brainstorming

    Change and Innovation through Brainstorming

    John Sweeney

    Unlocking the potential of your next meeting...
    Whether it is doing more with less, or finding the next great new product, this program will increase your team's ability to generate new ideas.

John Sweeney

Theatre owner, keynote speaker, improviser, corporate trainer, and author John Sweeney is unlike any other business speaker out there and his road to success has not been a traditional one. Sweeney's path has included becoming the owner of the nation's longest running comedy theatre, having a quote from his book appear on millions of Starbucks cups, earning the role of trusted advisor to leaders from some of the best companies in the world and dancing shirtless on national tv.

Sweeney helps clients achieve by effectively bridging improvisational theater skills and behaviors to the workplace through his speeches and training. His improvisational insights have resonated with a broad spectrum of forward-thinking business leaders from some of the most innovative and largest companies in the world. X

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