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Pat Heim

Pat Heim Videos and DVDs

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  • Conflict: The Rules of Engagement

    Conflict: The Rules of Engagement

    Pat Heim

    "But one of the great ironies about conflict," says Dr. Heim, "is that conflict is a central component for developing team cohesion in the workplace."

  • Invisible Rules – Revised Edition

    Invisible Rules – Revised Edition

    Pat Heim

    Men, Women and Teams
    What seems natural to one gender can seem mysterious and baffling to the other. Dr. Heim provides the basis for better understanding, communication and teamwork.

  • Power Dead Even Rule - Revised Edition

    Power Dead Even Rule - Revised Edition

    Pat Heim

    and Other Gender Differences In The Workplace
    In her thoughtful and lively presentation, Dr. Heim will explain some of the different rules of the male and female cultures and help viewers to improve workplace communication between men and

Pat HeimDr. Pat Heim is President of the Heim Group, a consulting firm that provides management and organizational development services.

Formerly, Dr. Heim was Assistant Vice President of Management Consulting and Training for American Medical International. In this position, she was responsible for the development of the first corporate college in healthcare and the creation of a highly successful executive trainee program. Additionally, Dr. Heim served as international consultant to management in over one hundred hospitals and businesses throughout the United States and abroad. Before that, Dr. Heim was a Management and Organizational development Advisor at Rockwell International.

Dr,. Heim has taught at Loyola Marymount University, the University of Colorado and San Diego University. Since receiving her Ph.D. in Communication form the University of Colorado, Dr. Heim has published and conducted continuing research in the area of management development and gender differences. Her books include Hardball for Women, Smashing the Glass Ceiling, and Learning to Lead.

Pat Heim’s videos include:

Changing the Rules with Dr. Pat Heim
Conflict: The Rules of Engagement
Invisible Rules: Men, Women and Teams
The Power Dead-Even Rule X

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