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Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

Robert H. Waterman, Jr. Videos and DVDs

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  • What America Does Right Vol. 2 - Organization is Strategic

    What America Does Right Vol. 2 - Organization is Strategic

    Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

    "Organization is Strategic" is Part 2 in this series by Robert Waterman, Jr. and takes a new approach to organizatinal arrangements.  Go on location and see how Merck and AES thrive through innovation and empowerment. 

Robert H. Waterman, Jr.Robert H. Waterman, Jr., is the coauthor (With Tom Peters) of In Search of Excellence and author of The Renewal Factor, Adhocracy: The Power to Change, and What America Does Right. For much of his career, he worked at McKinsey & Company on the West Coast, in Japan, in Australia, and in Europe. He left McKinsey as a senior director in 1985 to form the Waterman Group, Inc. Besides research and writing, Waterman serves on the boards of the World Wildlife Fund, Scleroderma Research Foundation, US Ski Team, the ASK Group, Boise Cascade, the AES Corporation, and McKesson. When not disguised as a businessman, Bob Waterman paints and sells watercolors and oils. X

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