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Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn Videos and DVDs

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  • Sam Glenn - Speeches

    Sam Glenn - Speeches

    Sam Glenn

    If you have seen Sam Glenn’s videos, then you know that he is an amazing speaker.  Sam combines humor with a compelling message.  Now you can have Sam speak at your next meeting or corporate event!

  • Sam Glenn Inspirational Books

    Sam Glenn Inspirational Books

    Sam Glenn

    Order all 4 Inspirational Books by Sam Glenn!
    If anyone knows how to recharge your organization's positivity, recognize progress, and make learning fun, it's Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.

  • Sam Glenn Series

    Sam Glenn Series

    Sam Glenn

    The Sam Glenn DVD Series contains of our 3 hilarious new programs featuring Sam's thoughts on attitude, change, and well... lizards!

  • When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail with Sam Glenn

    When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail with Sam Glenn

    Sam Glenn

    Part of the Sam Glenn Series
    Sam Glenn gives you tools to overcome challenges in this funny and motivational video. Laugh as you and your team learn tools to navigate through change.

Sam Glenn

Meet Sam Glenn, The Authority on Attitude!

Inspirational Speaker & Author

Sam Glenn is a leading motivational keynote speaker. This once nighttime janitor who slept on borrowed floor space now invigorates audiences of every size and some as large as 75,000 with sidesplitting humor, inspirational insights and candid simplicity. Sam Glenn is regarded as The Authority on Attitude(TM) and has written 17 books on the subject of Attitude and Peak Performance in life and the workplace. Sam is the founder of Attitude Digest magazine, which targets senior level managers and entrepreneurs who are looking to inspire their staff members. The magazine is motivational, insightful and fun! Sam is a prominent and highly sought after inspirational speaker.

In Sam’s free time he enjoys eating and laughing with his family, fishing and making others look good on the golf course.

Most Recently, Sam has release three funny and motivational videos with Enterprise Media! X

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