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  • Having A PAWS-O-TIVE Attitude - Barkles Meeting Video

    Having A PAWS-O-TIVE Attitude - Barkles Meeting Video


    How often have we felt a little overwhelmed with work? How you choose to respond can make a big difference!  Now Arf will show you that having a positive attitude matters and can change your mindset about work!

  • Sales 101: Finding the Itch - Barkles Meeting Video

    Sales 101: Finding the Itch - Barkles Meeting Video


    In this funny sales meeting video, you'll see how to overcome objections and really connect with the customer... and close the sale!

  • Truly FURRific Customer Service  - Barkles Meeting Video

    Truly FURRific Customer Service - Barkles Meeting Video


    Some customers are difficult to please... but Ollie will show you how to deal with a difficult customer and deliver truly terrific customer service.


The Barkles are a new comedy troupe of live-action dog puppets that will soon appear in their new TV show, DOG SHOW LIVE!  And soon in their first feature-length movie, Fast & The Furry!

In the meantime, they love working as pitch dogs, news correspondents and making corporate business videos for Enterprise Media based on their experience running a bakery that produces the world famous "Barkles Bites" dog biscuits.

The Barkles star is also rising on the Internet. In fact, Arf & Ollie were recently featured on's popular webisodes series, The Dog Report. They also perform LIVE shows at children's hospitals, public schools, theatres and community events.

The Barkles are said to hail from the undisclosed town of Barksville. Some sources have speculated that Barksville is actually an island off the coast of Maine more toward Halifax, in Novia Scotia's "Nubble Islands District," but those reports are unverified.

The seven members of the Barkles are Arfur Burybone, Oliver Woof, Rufus Farley, Noggleston Wagsworth, Furby Vanderbite, Freda Breedwell & Thea Barkanopoulos. They are otherwise known as: Arf, Ollie, Farley, Nogs, Furby, Freda & Thea.

C.C. Darbyshire

The Barkles tour manager, Darbyshire has also been contributing cartoons to the New Yorker since 2001. His work has also been published in The New York Times, The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal and The Austin Chronicle. Until recently, he drew a nationally syndicated comic strip called CEO DAD. Darbyshire also co-wrote and produced the independent film, "Chalk" which was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award and distributed theatrically. Most recently, Darbyshire wrote, directed and produced a television pilot called, "The Farkles," starring Tony Hale of "Arrested Development," which was bought by Lorne Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live & 30 Rock for network development. X

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