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The Muppets

The Muppets Videos and DVDs

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  • Muppets - The Big Picture

    Muppets - The Big Picture

    The Muppets

    Sometimes it’s hard to realize the importance of even a simple, small request. Yet learning to work as a team is the key to success. Take a look at the big picture to get your next coffee break jumping.

  • Muppets - The Coffee Break Machine

    Muppets - The Coffee Break Machine

    The Muppets

    The ultimate user-friendly coffee machine meets the ultimate abuser. When the monster is thwarted by the complexity of this modern machine, he goes crazy.

  • Muppets - The Half - Minute Manager

    Muppets - The Half - Minute Manager

    The Muppets

    Sometimes the goals involved in issues of productivity and time management get lost behind the stopwatch. This break film shows how speeding up can sometimes cause the whole system to break down.

  • Muppets - The Ideal Sales Rep

    Muppets - The Ideal Sales Rep

    The Muppets

    In this clever send-up of the tools and techniques of salesmanship, we learn that becoming a perfect sales rep can be a fairly "weighty" goal.

  • Muppets - The Meeting That Wouldn’t Die

    Muppets - The Meeting That Wouldn’t Die

    The Muppets

    Watch what happens when a speaker is oblivious to his audience’s needs. Guaranteed to keep any meeting lively. This horror film classic is a clever way to head off the energy slump before a break.

The MuppetsJim Henson’s MUPPET MEETING FILMS (TM) will enliven any meeting. They can be used to open a meeting, announce breaks, end a meeting or to sparkle up a meeting that might be a little dull... We KNOW that you would never lead a dull meeting, but some of the other people in your organization....well, you never know.

There are over 40 MUPPET Meeting Films. Each one is designed by the team at Jim Henson Prodcutions to add fun and zest to your meeting. Check them all out here at our web site! X

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Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer!