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Customer Service Videos and DVDs

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  • An Inside Job:  Meeting Internal Customer Needs

    An Inside Job: Meeting Internal Customer Needs

    To demonstrate why and how people across a customer-facing organization must put internal customer care into practice.

  • Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty

    Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty

    Combines 4 popular customer service programs to develop employee skills and awareness in the area of building customer loyalty.

  • 50 Ways To Keep Your Customers

    50 Ways To Keep Your Customers

    Paul Timm

    50 Ways To Keep Your Customers with Dr. Paul Timm provides those hands-on, do-it-now techniques and skills that will keep customers happy and ensure that they keep coming back.

  • Are You With Me?

    Are You With Me?

    Through a series of humorous vignettes, you will learn the basics of telephone courtesy. From making calls, leaving messages, and putting people on hold, Are You With Me? connects all the rules of telephone courtesy to a single, easy-to-remember concept.

  • FISH! For Schools

    FISH! For Schools

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Welcome back to the reason you became an educator.
    FISH! for Schools will help you build a great school culture—or strengthen the great culture you already have.

  • Fish! Tales

    Fish! Tales

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Bite-size story. Unlimited possibilities. Real companies using FISH!

  • Healthcare Toolkit

    Healthcare Toolkit

    Volumes 1 and 2
    The Healthcare Toolkit training videos provide a flexible set of materials to build awareness and professionalism in responding to patients and co-workers.

  • Life is good ...and work can be too!

    Life is good ...and work can be too!

    Life is good

    Learn how to inspire employees, improve attitude, and deliver great customer service in this high-energy, motivational training program that profiles the company Life is good.

  • A Complaint is a Gift

    A Complaint is a Gift

    Janelle M. Barlow

    Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool  Show your team that complaints are an opportunity for everyone to learn & build customer relationships. True customer service isn’t catchy slogans or empty promises.

  • But I Don't Have Customers

    But I Don't Have Customers

    But I Don't Have Customers! can help your employees learn to value each other, which results in increased performance throughout your entire organization. Business and Government versions available.

  • Actions and Attitudes

    Actions and Attitudes

    Providing Extraordinary Customer Service
    The biggest advantage one organization can have over another is its employees. This program offers participants an opportunity to develop their customer service and selling techniques.

  • Communication Lab 2.0

    Communication Lab 2.0

    When Email Just Isn't Enough
    In this humorous program, you'll learn when to use e-mail and when to use the telephone to communicate – and avoid customer service problems!

  • Little Big Things: Service

    Little Big Things: Service

    Tom Peters

    Tom will help you and your teams organizationally attack, dismantle, and rebuild how you view the service you provide to your customers.

  • Angry Customer

    Angry Customer

    Part of the Service Impact Series
    Caution! Find Out How to Calm – and Not Calm – the Caustic Client!

  • Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers

    Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers

    John O’Hurley

    John O'Hurley's Message will be music to your ears in this humorous customer service training package, "Love Your Customers" and "Love Your Difficult Customers!" Laugh as you learn the essential basics of excellent customer service. 

  • Who Are They Anyway?

    Who Are They Anyway?

    BJ Gallagher

    A tale of achieving success at work through personal accountability.

  • ART of Customer Service

    ART of Customer Service

    This customer service video offers fun and easy-to-remember guidelines to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Service Natural As Childs Play

    Customer Service Natural As Childs Play

    We all know healthcare professionals are busy now more than ever. But being warm, friendly and helpful doesn't always mean you can't also get your work done. X

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