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Customer Service Videos and DVDs

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  • Angry Customer

    Angry Customer

    Part of the Service Impact Series
    Caution! Find Out How to Calm – and Not Calm – the Caustic Client!

  • ART of Customer Service

    ART of Customer Service

    This customer service video offers fun and easy-to-remember guidelines to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Customer Service To The Rescue!

    Customer Service To The Rescue!

    Federico Muchnik, writer/director

    When Wilfred Jameson's parachute fails to open, he's in trouble. But customer service representative Henry Hawks knows just what to do, or does he? You'll hit the ground laughing as the scene unfolds – and as the tension builds.

  • Attitude Is Everything

    Attitude Is Everything

    Part of the Just A Call Away Series on telephone skills.
    Even over the telephone, the person at the other end of the line can see your attitude - and attitude counts for everything!

  • Demanding Customers

    Demanding Customers

    Dawn French

    This easy-to-follow program shows how easy it is to enrage and frustrate these demanding customers.

  • Best Service is No Service

    Best Service is No Service

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Bill Price President, Driva Solutions; Co-Founder, LimeBridge
    says that that companies should challenge the need for customer service in the first place.  

  • Beyond Close to the Customer

    Beyond Close to the Customer

    Tom Peters

    Tom Peters gives 20 proposals for improving customer service in this presentation in front of an audience.

  • Beyond Customer Service - Gracious Hospitality the Biltmore Way

    Beyond Customer Service - Gracious Hospitality the Biltmore Way

    Your insider's guide to a guest-centric team: a team focused on the guests' experience and your organization's reputation for excellence in customer service.

  • Disruptive behavior

    Disruptive behavior

    We all know healthcare professionals are busy now more than ever. But being warm, friendly and helpful doesn't always mean you can't also get your work done.

  • Building Your Team

    Building Your Team

    Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring
    Great teams don't just happen - they are carefully crafted over time. This program presents the simple techniques you can use anywhere to meet new recruits and get them interested in joining your team.

  • FISH! Book Study Kit

    FISH! Book Study Kit

    Fish Philosophy Training

    FISH! the book has helped people around the world rediscover their passion. It’s one of the most popular business parables of all time, selling over 5 million copies.

  • Call of the Mummy

    Call of the Mummy

    The Call of the Mummy uses entertaining, engaging vignettes featuring Customer Service Representatives in business, government and healthcare to illustrate the do's and don'ts of customer service on the phone.

  • Creating Positive Impressions

    Creating Positive Impressions

    The Creating Positive Impressions training program looks at how people conduct themselves when greeting clients, working together, body language and how to conduct yourself when making a first impression.

  • Fish! Sticks

    Fish! Sticks

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Taking the cameras back to Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, we found the secrets of how these fishmongers keep their passion alive through a deep, daily and very personal commitment.

  • Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

    Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Charlene Li Founder, Altimeter Group shows us how companies can use social media tools to develop more intimate and beneficial relationships with customers.

  • Credibility Through Honesty

    Credibility Through Honesty

    Part of the Service Impact Series
    Discover How to Be Honest About Service Problems – And Boost Your Company's Image as you turn angry customers into satisfied ones.

  • Customer Service Counts

    Customer Service Counts

    This program uses humor to show employees that being good at customer service and taking pride in their work is not only a job requirement, but can be personally satisfying as well.

  • Focus on the Customer

    Focus on the Customer

    What does outstanding customer service have to do with Scotch Brite Pads, Amish Buggies and Security Guards? Find out as you hear four stories of how 3M has met special demands from their customers.

  • Customer Service Gone Viral

    Customer Service Gone Viral

    Learn how to handle a variety of customer service problems presented as viral videos, recorded phone conversations, music videos, social media, rants and blogs.

  • Customer Service Zone

    Customer Service Zone

    Enjoyable and easy-to-use, Customer Service Zone uses a "Twilight Zone" theme to provide you with an essential resource for all organizations serving customers. X

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