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Customer Service Videos and DVDs

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  • Fish! Culture

    Fish! Culture

    Fish Philosophy Training

    It can start with one conversation: Fish Culture
    Conversations don’t just impact your culture. They ARE your culture...
    Take your organization’s Fish! Philosophy training to a new level with Fish! Culture.

  • FISH! For Schools

    FISH! For Schools

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Welcome back to the reason you became an educator.
    FISH! for Schools will help you build a great school culture—or strengthen the great culture you already have.

  • Fish! Sticks

    Fish! Sticks

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Taking the cameras back to Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, we found the secrets of how these fishmongers keep their passion alive through a deep, daily and very personal commitment.

  • Fish! Tales

    Fish! Tales

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Bite-size story. Unlimited possibilities. Real companies using FISH!

  • FISH! Trainer Tools

    FISH! Trainer Tools

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Fish Trainer Tools includes everything you’ll need to facilitate an on-going FISH! Experience.
    Regardless of your level of expertise, this program can help you become an outstanding, experience-focused facilitator of The FISH! Philosophy.

  • Focus on the Customer

    Focus on the Customer

    What does outstanding customer service have to do with Scotch Brite Pads, Amish Buggies and Security Guards? Find out as you hear four stories of how 3M has met special demands from their customers.

  • Fun is Good

    Fun is Good

    Let the employees at the Midway Field in Minnesota show you how much can be accomplished at work - by having fun!

  • General Hospitable

    General Hospitable

    Learn how to improve customer interactions at all levels in a healthcare setting with "General Hospitable."

  • Glad I Could Help

    Glad I Could Help

    Real Customer Service Situations for Discussion
    There’s no tougher business situation than dealing with an angry customer. Now, you can equip employees to handle those calls and confrontations without getting rattled.

  • Golf & the Art Of Customer Service

    Golf & the Art Of Customer Service

    Strategies For Branding Exemplary Customer Service
    Do you know if your customer service is great, mediocre or poor?

  • Happiness Matters

    Happiness Matters

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Tony Hsieh CEO, Zappos

  • Healthcare Toolkit

    Healthcare Toolkit

    Volumes 1 and 2
    The Healthcare Toolkit training videos provide a flexible set of materials to build awareness and professionalism in responding to patients and co-workers.

  • How To Lose Customers Without Really Trying

    How To Lose Customers Without Really Trying

    John Cleese

    Learn how to retain customers and keep them coming back in this humorous presentation from the producers of the John Cleese training videos.

  • If Looks Could Kill

    If Looks Could Kill

    Dawn French

    The Power of Behavior
    How people behave when dealing with customers and colleagues can determine the success or failure of each interaction. The Power of Behavior

  • In Search of Quality Series

    In Search of Quality Series

    Robert H. Waterman, Jr.

    The Series, hosted by In Search of Excellence co-author Robert H. Waterman, Jr., contains 2 volumes focused on quality through people, and quality through systems. Learn about emplowement, Six Sigma, Leadership and more. 

  • Inside Information

    Inside Information

    A silo-buster's guide to internal customer service
    Most organizations recognize that exceptional service is vital to winning and retaining customers - but very few treat their internal customers with the same level of respect.

  • It’s a Dog’s World

    It’s a Dog’s World

    New Release! 2nd Edition!
    This newly-updated version of a customer favorite shows that everyone employed in a medical office, hospital or clinic can make a difference in improving customer service.

  • It’s Show Time!

    It’s Show Time!

    Stew Leonard

    It’s motivational! It’s fun to watch! It’s about customer service and attitude! It’s a best seller! It’s Showtime!

  • It’s So Simple

    It’s So Simple

    The It’s So Simple learning program takes you behind the scenes at Southwest Airlines to show how one of the most sought-after employers in the nation achieves success.

  • It’s Your Call

    It’s Your Call

    Part of the Just A Call Away Series on telephone skills.
    Teach your call center people the essentials in achieving ever-increasing sales targets without jeopardizing good customer care. A perfect training tool for effective cross-selling. X

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