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Law Enforcement Training Videos and DVDs

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  • Defrauding the Elderly: Preventing Bunco Schemes

    Defrauding the Elderly: Preventing Bunco Schemes

    The Defrauding the Elderly: Preventing Bunco Schemes training program is a crime prevention video that demonstrates different bunco schemes used to defraud the elderly. This training video is meant to be viewed by elders with a discussion led by an investigator from a police agency, but can viewed as a stand alone informational video.

  • Difficult Inmates

    Difficult Inmates

    Studies show that, sooner or later, every correctional officer will be confronted by an aggressive inmate.

  • Directing Traffic - The Basics

    Directing Traffic - The Basics

    The Directing Traffic - The Basics training program demonstrates proper techniques for directing traffic, placement of flares, safety equipment and officer safety.

  • Domestic Dispute Dangers

    Domestic Dispute Dangers

    Actual cases are dramatized to show how the officers were killed and the dangers future officers should be prepared for when handling domestic disputes.

  • Domestic Violence Series

    Domestic Violence Series

    A Ten Part Series
    The Domestic Violence Series is a comprehensive program funded by the Department of Justice designed to train law enforcement officers.

  • Drive to Stay Alive

    Drive to Stay Alive

    A Long Beach Officer was killed responding to a stolen vehicle call. In the Drive to Stay Alive training program you will hear about this tragic incident and the impact it had on the community, department, and his family.

  • Driven To Distraction

    Driven To Distraction

    The Driven To Distraction training program discusses common distractions which can cause accidents while operating a patrol vehicle.

  • Drugs: User Recognition

    Drugs: User Recognition

    Gives peace officers the information they need to recognize and appropriately handle someone who is under the influence of heroin, cocaine, PCP, or LSD.

  • Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

    Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

    Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse is a three part training series that describes abuse, how to recognize and report it, and cross-reporting mandates.

  • Emergency Lighting and Siren Audibility

    Emergency Lighting and Siren Audibility

    The Emergency Lighting and Siren Audibility training program discusses and demonstrates the relative effectiveness of emergency vehicle lights and siren audibility when responding Code-3, and the inherent hazards associated with this type of response.

  • Field Interviewing Techniques

    Field Interviewing Techniques

    In the Field Interviewing Techniques training video, basic guidelines for interviewing witnesses are presented.

  • Fields of Fire

    Fields of Fire

    The Fields of Fire training program discusses off target, off trigger discipline, identifying fields of fire and the dangers of firing for assisting units on a felony stop.

  • Flashlight Techniques

    Flashlight Techniques

    The Flashlight Techniques training program explains use of the Harries, the Ayoob and the FBI flashlight techniques when your weapon must be drawn in low light situations.

  • Freeway Tactics

    Freeway Tactics

    To reduce accidents, this program shows safe tactics for freeway pullovers, dealing with collisions and assisting disabled vehicles.

  • Handling a School Shooting

    Handling a School Shooting

    The Handling a School Shooting training program discusses the techniques and procedures to follow while handling a dynamic shooting incident in a school environment.

  • Handling Prisoner Dangers

    Handling Prisoner Dangers

    Every law enforcement officer knows he or she could die while handling prisoners. Why? What goes wrong? As a result of this study and the Handling Prisoner Dangers training program,many answers are now available.

  • Handling Undercover Contacts

    Handling Undercover Contacts

    Discusses tactics to be employed by both uniform and undercover officers to avoid misidentification, officer safety problems and conflict.

  • Handling Vicious Dogs

    Handling Vicious Dogs

    The Handling Vicious Dogs training program explains how to deal with vicious dogs and ways to avoid confrontations.

  • Homicide Crime Scene Preservation and Handling

    Homicide Crime Scene Preservation and Handling

    An excellent video showing field officers how to enter and properly contain a homicide crime scene.

  • How to Safely Clear Weapons in the Field

    How to Safely Clear Weapons in the Field

    The How to Safely Clear Weapons in the Field training program highlights safe gun handling rules for several types of weapons commonly encountered in the field. Includes: revolvers, rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic handguns. X

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