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Leadership and Management Videos and DVDs

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  • Creating a No-Blame Culture

    Creating a No-Blame Culture

    Everyone is blamed when Carol’s social responsibility strategy goes horribly wrong.

  • A Leader's Legacy

    A Leader's Legacy

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Jim Kouzes Executive Fellow, Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University

  • Abilene Paradox

    Abilene Paradox

    Leaders must make it safe for people to speak up if they think the team is headed in the wrong direction. This all-time bestseller drives home a powerful message about the importance of getting everyone’s honest opinion.

  • Accountability That Works!

    Accountability That Works!

    Accountability That Works! will provide everyone in your organization with the tools they need for a greater sense of empowerment, effectiveness and increased productivity.

  • Balance Sheet Barrier 2013

    Balance Sheet Barrier 2013

    John Cleese

    The Basics of Business Finance with John Cleese and Dawn French,  This program will enable managers to appreciate how key financial statements are calculated and how they are used.

  • Ellie Mae: Re-imagine Technology & the Customer

    Ellie Mae: Re-imagine Technology & the Customer

    Tom Peters

    The Ellie Mae story is a revolutionary example of how a company can respond to new challenges. It shows that change can work – and that it can have a lasting, positive impact.

  • Beyond Words - For Managers

    Beyond Words - For Managers

    Managing employees successfully requires effective communication and interpersonal skills that go beyond the ordinary.

  • Giving Leadership Away

    Giving Leadership Away

    This video focuses on the challenges of newly promoted leaders in delegation and team-building.

  • Can You Spare a Moment?

    Can You Spare a Moment?

    John Cleese

    This new version of Can You Spare a Moment? with John Cleese focuses on developing counseling skills for managers.

  • I Know Just What You Mean

    I Know Just What You Mean

    Stephen R. Covey

    Participants will learn how to improve communications by sharing principles, attitudes and skills for better understanding.

  • Clarity Imperative

    Clarity Imperative

    Improve morale, reduce turnover and strengthen your organization's brand with this video that shows the importance of consistent messaging and how it translates to improved results.

  • Coaching New People

    Coaching New People

    Learn how to give your new employees a head start;  Skills include: welcome them, give feedback, encourage new skills and be a good role model.

  • Collective Leadership

    Collective Leadership

    Stanford Executive Briefings: Jim Quigley CEO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu explores what organizations can learn from innovative leadership styles and how leaders can get people to work together effectively toward their defined goals.

  • In An Instant - Volume 3: Leadership Development

    In An Instant - Volume 3: Leadership Development

    Anthony Salemi

    Short training videos to help you learn how to give feedback, commit for action, motivate, make decisions and manage stress... In An Instant

  • Communication Breakdown

    Communication Breakdown

    Communication problems can have a devastating role in undermining our success. Equip your employees to prevent a Communication Breakdown at work!

  • Communication Counts

    Communication Counts

    The cost associated with poor workplace communication is staggering. 70% of small- to mid-sized businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem.

  • Communication Skills That Build Winning Relationships

    Communication Skills That Build Winning Relationships

    Are underdeveloped communication skills holding YOU back? Learn key skills to improve your communication. Learn to use the BE-DO-ACHIEVE-NEW-BE cycle to build up internal communication

  • In Search of Excellence Disney Segment

    In Search of Excellence Disney Segment

    Tom Peters

    At Disney World you’ll witness the hard work that goes into guiding and training a staff to understand that a commitment to quality and customer care is vital for success.

  • Corporate Culture and Performance

    Corporate Culture and Performance

    John P. Kotter

    Harvard Business School professor and best selling author, John Kotter identifies the characteristics of healthy and unhealthy corporate cultures and then guides you through a process which will positively transform the culture within your organization.

  • Courage 2 Coach

    Courage 2 Coach

    The Courage 2 Coach training program outlines a specific four-step process for coaching that will work in any employee performance situation. X

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