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Meeting Openers & Meeting Management Videos and DVDs

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  • Muppets - Think Bigger

    Muppets - Think Bigger

    The Muppets

    Management must learn to listen to all ideas no matter how small, no matter what the source. Watch the MUPPETS demonstrate how to avoid being swallowed up by the competition by understanding the explosive importance of encouraging new ideas.

  • Muppets - Top Ten Reasons To Take a Break

    Muppets - Top Ten Reasons To Take a Break

    The Muppets

    And now, from the home office, here are ten humorous ways to tell people it's time to take a break. A hilarious way to get your audience relaxed and refreshed, so they’ll be ready and raring to come back for more.

  • Muppets - What’s This Meeting All About

    Muppets - What’s This Meeting All About

    The Muppets

    Grump asks a simple question, but Leo filibusters with mind-boggling fluff like, "’s a blending of positive reinforcement options for a whole system."

  • Muppets - Wheels of Progress

    Muppets - Wheels of Progress

    The Muppets

    In one of the worst ideas to roll out of management, Leo puts Grump on a skateboard to increase speed and efficiency around the office. Get ready for a crash course. It’s time for real lessons in planning for office efficiency.

  • Muppets - Who Needs A Break?

    Muppets - Who Needs A Break?

    The Muppets

    Even though the need to impart a lot of information may be strong, you know that a timely break will improve the impact of a meeting. Get your break off on the right foot and avoid a stampede with this enjoyable satire.

  • Not Another Meeting!

    Not Another Meeting!

    Loretta Laroche

    Have you ever felt that the meeting you're heading into is out of a monster movie from the 1930s? Laugh as you watch this humorous meeting video on... meetings!  Boost your attitude. 

  • On a High Note

    On a High Note

    On a High Note is an inspiring short program about the importance of knowing yourself, where you want to be, and having the commitment to get there. 

  • One Small Step

    One Small Step


    In 1962, John F. Kennedy challenged Americans to achieve what seemed impossible. One Small Step features footage of John F. Kennedy's speech that challenged Americans to explore and champion the hard and unknown.

  • Presentation is Everything

    Presentation is Everything

    Help individuals structure and deliver effective presentations: and avoid death by PowerPoint!

  • SERVE!  Turn Customer Service into Unforgettable Customer Experiences

    SERVE! Turn Customer Service into Unforgettable Customer Experiences

    Tom Peters

    Tom Peters introduces the concept of creating excellent customer experiences as a strategic advantage in this five-minute meeting opener.

  • Presenting with Passion

    Presenting with Passion

    Making a boring presentation is stressful. Inspiring others with your words is fun.

  • Supervisor on the Scene: Meeting Effectiveness

    Supervisor on the Scene: Meeting Effectiveness

    Help supervisors conduct productive, timely, and relevant meetings with Supervisor on the Scene: Meeting Effectiveness. Learn how to plan a meeting and execute the plan.

  • Training Wheels

    Training Wheels


    A father teaches his son to ride a bicycle. Life’s most moving and memorable moments are usually its simplest.

  • The Goal - Dramatic Version

    The Goal - Dramatic Version

    The Goal shows your employees how to think logically and consistently to determine "cause and effect" relationships between their actions and the results.

  • Watts Towers

    Watts Towers


    The true story of a down-on-his-luck craftsman who embarks on a thirty-year project that brings a work of art to an impoverished neighborhood.

  • The Star Thrower Story

    The Star Thrower Story

    Joel Barker

    Now, one of Joel Barker’s most cherished stories, The Star Thrower, is available as a short film! Taken from his best-selling program, The Power of Vision, Joel Barker reminds us that we all have the ability to make a difference.

  • The Well-Managed Meeting

    The Well-Managed Meeting

    We're all busy these days and we can't afford to waste our time with nonproductive meetings. Use this best-selling video to learn how to run a meeting well. 

  • Wednesday's Touch

    Wednesday's Touch

    Every Customer has a story...
    Skills can be taught, but the right attitude is even more meaningful.

  • We Are The Ones

    We Are The Ones

    Paul Hopkins

    We Are The Ones is an inspirational short program that encourages us to look to ourselves for leadership and positive change.

  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home


    Welcome Home follows the true story of a family’s reunion with their father, a serviceman stationed in Iraq. X

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