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Special Offers and Combo Packages Videos and DVDs

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  • Art of Possibility Series

    Art of Possibility Series

    Benjamin Zander

    with Ben and Roz Zander
    The Art of Possibility Series contains the top selling Ben Zander training programs Leadership: The Art of Possibility and Attitude: Radiating Possibility.

  • Business Excellence Combo Package

    Business Excellence Combo Package

    Save $1,960 over the individual DVD prices with The Business Excellence Combo Package.  You get five best-selling DVDs on excellence for $995!

  • Change and Innovation Combo Package

    Change and Innovation Combo Package

    Save $1,283 over the individual DVD prices when you purchase The Change and Innovation Combo. Get six best selling DVDs on change and innovation for $995.

  • Communication Library

    Communication Library

    The Communication Library allows you to improve your communication skills in a short period of time at a reasonable price.

  • Communication Training Special Offer

    Communication Training Special Offer

    Improve vital presentation and communication skills with this bundled offer and save 20%!

  • Customer Service Starter Library

    Customer Service Starter Library

    Give your customer service people the head start they deserve with the Customer Service Starter Library.

  • Do Right I and II Combo Package

    Do Right I and II Combo Package

    Lou Holtz

    The Original Lou Holtz series!
    After nearly two decades of unprecedented success, Lou Holtz continues to inspire, motivate and educate the leaders of today and tomorrow.

  • Do Right Series

    Do Right Series

    Lou Holtz

    This collection of the best-selling Do Right programs is a must for any training library! Includes Do Right I, Do Right II, and Do Right The Plan.

  • Emotional Intelligence Series

    Emotional Intelligence Series

    Dan Goleman

    The series contains 3 training videos on EI featuring Dan Goleman.

  • Executive Leadership Collection

    Executive Leadership Collection

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    This specially priced 10-program set shares the skills and techniques effective leaders use to inspire and unify their workforce.

  • FISH! For Leaders Series

    FISH! For Leaders Series

    Fish Philosophy Training

    New Release!
    The FISH For Leaders training series consists of six distinct programs to help leaders apply The FISH! Philosophy to their work and lives.

  • FISH! Mindset

    FISH! Mindset

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Daily reminders to make your training stick
    Even a great idea like FISH! needs regular reinforcement to become a habit. FISH! Mindsets are daily, 3- to 5-minute experiences that help people live what they have learned.

  • Fish! Training Materials

    Fish! Training Materials

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Great FiSH! Stuff to go with your FiSH! Training Program!

  • Fish! Video Combos and Value Packs

    Fish! Video Combos and Value Packs

    Fish Philosophy Training

    Catch the Energy. Release the Potential.
    The Fish! Training Video is the absolute #1 best selling customer service training program in history. If you’ve been thinking about putting the Fish! Philosophy into action, this is the place to be!

  • Frontline Library

    Frontline Library

    These programs provides the fast-paced material needed to improve the performance and personal growth of the new employee or the long-time veteran.

  • Give ‘Em the Pickle Training Video Bundle

    Give ‘Em the Pickle Training Video Bundle

    Bob Farrell

    Bob Farrell's PICKLE Training Programs All-In-One!
    These three videos are the perfect way to integrate the Pickle Principles into your organization. Soon, your whole team will be laughing their way to better service! X

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