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HR and Workplace Issues Videos and DVDs

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  • Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution

    Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution

    Help supervisors resolve conflict through collaboration or compromise.

  • Supporting Others

    Supporting Others

    Being supportive is an essential skill for teams. It takes very little effort to show support.

  • Surviving Stress and Burnout

    Surviving Stress and Burnout

    Overload causes anxiety, so Marcus offers a way for everyone to reduce stress, but it backfires. Stress must be managed effectively.

  • Surviving Team Conflicts

    Surviving Team Conflicts

    Carol tries to resolve the aggression and lack of assertiveness in different members of the team.

  • Talk Isn’t Cheap

    Talk Isn’t Cheap

    Learn the simple steps that anyone can take to communicate more efficiently. This video will help you understand why "Talk Isn’t Cheap".

  • Talking 9 to 5

    Talking 9 to 5

    Women and Men in the Workplace

  • Team Building:  What Makes A Good Team Player?

    Team Building: What Makes A Good Team Player?

    Based on the principles developed by Glenn M. Parker in the best-selling Parker Team-Player Survey, this video shows in detail the four primary team-member styles in action -- the contributor, the collaborator, the communicator and the challenger.

  • Teamwork Across Generations - T.A.G.

    Teamwork Across Generations - T.A.G.

    The Winning Coaches

    The multi-generational workforce has led to a critical need: developing strategies that bridge gaps in experience and worldview. Learn management strategies from coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden.

  • Teamwork in Crisis

    Teamwork in Crisis

    This powerful video shows what started out as a very ordinary flight on a United Airlines DC-10 turn into a catastrophic situation where teamwork helped achieve a miraculous outcome.

  • Teamwork:  What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

    Teamwork: What’s Trust Got To Do With It?

    Have you ever been on a team where you couldn’t seem to get anything done? Or the team members just couldn’t work together? It is quite possible that the team members did not trust one another.

  • The 3 R’s of Sustainability

    The 3 R’s of Sustainability

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
    The 3 R’s of Sustainability is the starting point for every organization that seeks to reap the financial, social, and economic benefits associated with adopting environmentally friendly policies and practices.

  • The Comeback

    The Comeback

    At one time or another, every organization will have to deal with grief and loss in some capacity. Loss is difficult not only for the person directly experiencing it, but also for their co-workers.

  • The Drug-Free Workplace

    The Drug-Free Workplace

    This program will reaise your employees’ awareness of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and will encourage them to get help if they or a coworker is affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

  • The Grapevine

    The Grapevine

    John Cleese

    Communicating in a World of Change
    Avoid creating the situation in which employees spread rumors to fill the gap left by a lack of formal communication.

  • The HR Case File Series with Catherine Crier

    The HR Case File Series with Catherine Crier

    Catherine Crier

    The H.R. Case Files programs on Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and Sexual Harassment are all now available in DVD format.

  • The Practical Coach

    The Practical Coach

    Think of the people in your life who helped you get where you are today. All the "coaches" who were there for you, who cared about you, who got honest with you when you needed it most.

  • The Respectful Workplace

    The Respectful Workplace

    Redefining Workplace Violence
    While the media has focused on the spectacular but very rare instances of lethal workplace violence, the reality in most workplaces is very different.

  • The Right Side Of The Line

    The Right Side Of The Line

    Creating a Respectful and Harassment-Free Workplace
    Now more than ever, your employees need to know exactly where the boundaries of acceptable and legal workplace behavior are drawn.

  • The Unified Team:  A Leader’s Plan for Promoting, Protecting and Restoring Team Unity

    The Unified Team: A Leader’s Plan for Promoting, Protecting and Restoring Team Unity

    Why do some team leaders have unified groups who work together for a common goal while others have disgruntle, bickering employees who can’t seem to get along?

  • Threat Detector

    Threat Detector

    Your Role in Preventing Workplace Violence
    Employees play a very important role in preventing violence in the workplace. X

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