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HR and Workplace Issues Videos and DVDs

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  • Responsible Business Communication

    Responsible Business Communication

    Alert your employees to the legal risks of poor business correspondence and educate them on proper writing practices.

  • Threat Detector

    Threat Detector

    Your Role in Preventing Workplace Violence
    Employees play a very important role in preventing violence in the workplace.

  • Retaliation - Training Triggers

    Retaliation - Training Triggers

    Training Triggers are short programs (1-2 minute meeting openers) with ideas to jump start conversations on critical workplace issues.

  • Transgender Transition Is…

    Transgender Transition Is…

    Team members, employees and managers within your organization may have questions about another employee in transition. 

  • Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN

    Right/Wrong to WIN/WIN

    Peer-to-Peer Conflict Resolution
    In just 13 minutes, this program teaches a 5-step process that enables employees to resolve conflict with others directly, respectfully and effectively. The key is focusing on the problem, not the other person.

  • Sharing Feedback

    Sharing Feedback

    Avoid defensiveness, be open to receiving and give specific balance feedback.

  • Social Media at Work

    Social Media at Work

    Technology cannot be avoided—few of us could get our jobs done without it. But it needs to be used wisely and appropriately.

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Dan Goleman

    Learn three basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence.

  • Social Media: Reduce the Risk

    Social Media: Reduce the Risk

    Sixty-nine percent of American companies do not have a formal policy regarding employee use of social networking sites, despite the devastating risks posed by employees’ online activity.

  • Understanding the New FMLA

    Understanding the New FMLA

    The changes to the FMLA can be confusing and supervisors can now be personally liable for non-compliance. Get a clear, comprehensive and accurate summary of the latest FMLA regulations with Understanding the New FMLA.

  • Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution

    Supervisor on the Scene: Conflict Resolution

    Help supervisors resolve conflict through collaboration or compromise.

  • Violence:  Reducing Your Risk

    Violence: Reducing Your Risk

    Experts in personal safety and law enforcement demonstrate simple yet practical and effective methods anyone can use to reduce their risk and defuse threatening situations.

  • Supporting Others

    Supporting Others

    Being supportive is an essential skill for teams. It takes very little effort to show support.

  • Surviving Stress and Burnout

    Surviving Stress and Burnout

    Overload causes anxiety, so Marcus offers a way for everyone to reduce stress, but it backfires. Stress must be managed effectively.

  • Violence:  The Risk From Within

    Violence: The Risk From Within

    Even trained professionals can’t reliably predict a person’s capacity for violence. But managers can learn to observe the telling signs of excessive stress that might be red flags pointing to more dangerous behavior to come.

  • Talk Isn’t Cheap

    Talk Isn’t Cheap

    Learn the simple steps that anyone can take to communicate more efficiently. This video will help you understand why "Talk Isn’t Cheap".

  • Working Without A Script by Second City Communication

    Working Without A Script by Second City Communication

    The Second City is well known for their improv comedy, their TV shows, and their scores of famous alumni. But what do you and The Second City have in common? Both of you improvise every day!

  • Team Building:  What Makes A Good Team Player?

    Team Building: What Makes A Good Team Player?

    Based on the principles developed by Glenn M. Parker in the best-selling Parker Team-Player Survey, this video shows in detail the four primary team-member styles in action -- the contributor, the collaborator, the communicator and the challenger.

  • Teamwork Across Generations - T.A.G.

    Teamwork Across Generations - T.A.G.

    The Winning Coaches

    The multi-generational workforce has led to a critical need: developing strategies that bridge gaps in experience and worldview. Learn management strategies from coaches Mike Ditka, Sean Payton, Rex Ryan, and Bobby Bowden.

  • Teamwork in Crisis

    Teamwork in Crisis

    This powerful video shows what started out as a very ordinary flight on a United Airlines DC-10 turn into a catastrophic situation where teamwork helped achieve a miraculous outcome. X

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