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CLMI Safety Training Videos Videos and DVDs

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  • Protecting Your Shoulders

    Protecting Your Shoulders

    The Protecting Your Shoulders training program will cover the things your employees can do to keep their shoulders healthy.

  • Respiratory Protection: Your Guide to Clean Breathing

    Respiratory Protection: Your Guide to Clean Breathing

    Breathing clean air is what everyone needs to do to stay safe and healthy on the job. But some jobs can expose workers to contaminants that can cause simple irritation or even a serious illness. 

  • Utility Knife Safety

    Utility Knife Safety

    Covers the safe use of utility knives including the different types of knives that are available, techniques for cutting safely and how to change blades without getting injured.

  • What...?! Protecting Your Hearing

    What...?! Protecting Your Hearing

    An entertaining approach to illustrate what happens to workers who ignore the signs of hearing loss and what employees can do to protect their hearing while they still can. X

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