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Supervisory Skills - Under $200 Videos and DVDs

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  • Empowering Employees

    Empowering Employees

    Empowerment is the ability to let others assume the responsibilities, risks and rewards associated with making their own decisions.

  • Fear of Feedback

    Fear of Feedback

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Myra Strober Professor, Stanford School of Education
    Jay Jackman Psychiatrist and Human Resources Consultant

  • Feedback Skills for Supervisors

    Feedback Skills for Supervisors

    Cultivate your critiquing skills and make feedback a winning part of your business strategy.

  • In An Instant - Volume 3: Leadership Development

    In An Instant - Volume 3: Leadership Development

    Anthony Salemi

    Learn how to give feedback, commit for action, motivate, make decisions and manage stress... In An Instant

  • In An Instant - Volume 4: Employee Development

    In An Instant - Volume 4: Employee Development

    Anthony Salemi

    Learn how to deal with closed-mindedness, procrastination, conflict, interpersonal interaction, and delegation... In An Instant

  • Manager or Mouse

    Manager or Mouse

    Watch as Louie improves his operations and ultimately his customer service in this witty video about a carpet installation company.

  • Meeting Management Challenges 2

    Meeting Management Challenges 2

    Workplaces are fast-paced, challenging, and diverse environments that can create conflict and misunderstanding. Successful resolution of problems among colleagues is a vital aspect of good management. 

  • Succeed by Coaching

    Succeed by Coaching

    With this practical guide of do-it-now information you'll discover the essentials of coaching, including how to do it, when to do it, and why it is necessary in today's business world.

  • Supervising the Difficult Employee

    Supervising the Difficult Employee

    This training program begins by highlighting steps for determining the root problem, using accurate documentation, then helping the employee take corrective action.

  • The Inspiring Leader

    The Inspiring Leader

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Jack Zenger, PhD Cofounder and CEO, Zenger Folkman

  • The New Supervisor: Skills for Success

    The New Supervisor: Skills for Success

    Your road map for developing the skills necessary to become a first-rate supervisor. X

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