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Communication: email and Social Media Issues Videos and DVDs

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  • Communication Counts

    Communication Counts

    The cost associated with poor workplace communication is staggering. 70% of small- to mid-sized businesses claim that ineffective communication is their primary problem.

  • Communication Lab 2.0

    Communication Lab 2.0

    When Email Just Isn't Enough
    In this humorous program, you'll learn when to use e-mail and when to use the telephone to communicate – and avoid customer service problems!

  • Creating Infectious Action

    Creating Infectious Action

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Jennifer Aaker Professor of Marketing, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

    Creating Winning Social Media Strategies

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Charlene Li Founder, Altimeter Group

  • Customer Service Essentials

    Customer Service Essentials

    Whether it happens in person, by telephone, or online, good customer service is vital in building a company’s reputation and it can decide, ultimately, whether or not that company will survive. 

  • Digital Communication Skills: Dos and Don’ts

    Digital Communication Skills: Dos and Don’ts

    From texting to email to video calls, digital technology has transformed how we communicate with each other. 

  • Digital Media for Business Marketing Series

    Digital Media for Business Marketing Series

    This timely two-part series will show viewers how to put online and mobile media to work expanding and enhancing customer/company relationships.

  • e-mail essentials

    e-mail essentials

    E-mail essentials is intended to help employees in public and private sector organizations think through the appropriate and inappropriate uses of this powerful communications tool.

  • E-Mail Etiquette

    E-Mail Etiquette

    The E-Mail Etiquette training program gives viewers an understanding of the conventions that have been developed by e-mail users over the years to facilitate effective communication.

  • Meeting Management Challenges 1

    Meeting Management Challenges 1

    Meeting Management Challenges 1 is an ideal resource for any business or manager wanting greater insight into their employees and the various strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

  • Online Marketing Strategies

    Online Marketing Strategies

    As a marketing medium, the Internet now ranks ahead of TV, radio, and print as the preferred marketing method for businesses, brands, and organizations around the world. 

  • Responsible Business Communication

    Responsible Business Communication

    Alert your employees to the legal risks of poor business correspondence and educate them on proper writing practices.

  • Sales and Marketing Collection

    Sales and Marketing Collection

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    This specially priced, 10-program set offers innovative marketing and sales strategies for today’s competitive markets.

  • Social Media: Reduce the Risk

    Social Media: Reduce the Risk

    Sixty-nine percent of American companies do not have a formal policy regarding employee use of social networking sites, despite the devastating risks posed by employees’ online activity.

  • Undeliverable: E-mail Etiquette for Today’s Workplace

    Undeliverable: E-mail Etiquette for Today’s Workplace

    Help your employees master Email Customer Service; an increasing number of customers prefer email contact over telephone contact. However, many of these customers are dissatisfied with the service they receive via email. X

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