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Dealing With Difficult or Angry Customers Videos and DVDs

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  • A Complaint is a Gift

    A Complaint is a Gift

    Janelle M. Barlow

    Using Customer Feedback as a Strategic Tool  Show your team that complaints are an opportunity for everyone to learn & build customer relationships. True customer service isn’t catchy slogans or empty promises.

  • Adventures in Sales, Service, and Self-Esteem

    Adventures in Sales, Service, and Self-Esteem

    Peter Glen

    Motivate and inspire your employees to higher levels of sales and service. You'll be entertained with animation, music and effects as you learn six key lessons.  Bonus material on angry customers.

  • Angry Customer

    Angry Customer

    Part of the Service Impact Series
    Caution! Find Out How to Calm – and Not Calm – the Caustic Client!

  • Credibility Through Honesty

    Credibility Through Honesty

    Part of the Service Impact Series
    Discover How to Be Honest About Service Problems – And Boost Your Company's Image as you turn angry customers into satisfied ones.

  • Customer Service Collection

    Customer Service Collection

    Teach your staff how to impress customers with memorable service!
    Whether it's over the phone or in person, employees will learn how to be attentive, listen to customers, and handle tough situations.

  • Customer Service Counts

    Customer Service Counts

    This program uses humor to show employees that being good at customer service and taking pride in their work is not only a job requirement, but can be personally satisfying as well.

  • Customer Service Essentials

    Customer Service Essentials

    Whether it happens in person, by telephone, or online, good customer service is vital in building a company’s reputation and it can decide, ultimately, whether or not that company will survive. 

  • Customer Service Gone Viral

    Customer Service Gone Viral

    Learn how to handle a variety of customer service problems presented as viral videos, recorded phone conversations, music videos, social media, rants and blogs.

  • Customer Service Training Video Starter Library

    Customer Service Training Video Starter Library

    Give your customer service people the head start they deserve with the Customer Service Starter Library. Includes 5 DVDs on customer service.

  • Customer Service: The Telephone Connection

    Customer Service: The Telephone Connection

    Excellent telephone customer service doesn't just happen. It requires dedication, skill—and enthusiasm.

  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

    Dealing with Difficult Customers

    The Dealing with Difficult Customers training program highlights the patience and diplomacy skills at the heart of good customer service.

  • Dealing with the Irate Customer

    Dealing with the Irate Customer

    Angry customers hurt your company's image, disrupt your workday, and cost your company business. Turn angry customers into satisfied customers.

  • Demanding Customers

    Demanding Customers

    Dawn French

    This easy-to-follow program shows how easy it is to enrage and frustrate these demanding customers.

  • Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty

    Employee’s Guide to Customer Loyalty

    Combines 4 popular customer service programs to develop employee skills and awareness in the area of building customer loyalty.

  • Enhancing Service

    Enhancing Service

    Listen to customers, build rapport and demonstrate you care by being efficient, knowledgeable and a problem solver. 

  • Give ‘Em The Pickle

    Give ‘Em The Pickle

    Bob Farrell

    Highly entertaining and motivational, the Give'em the PICKLE! training video will inspire everyone to do the most important thing they can do in business...take care of the customer!

  • It’s Your Call

    It’s Your Call

    Part of the Just A Call Away Series on telephone skills.
    Teach your call center people the essentials in achieving ever-increasing sales targets without jeopardizing good customer care. A perfect training tool for effective cross-selling. X

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