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Emotional Intelligence Videos and DVDs

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  • Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Demonstrating Emotional Intelligence

    Dan Goleman

    Understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another almost like the common cold.

  • Don’t Panic

    Don’t Panic

    A Recipe for Success in Times of Stress: This program will help you reduce stress by improving self knowledge, building support networks, assessing your situation, taking action and learn.  

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence

    Today there is a growing body of science in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EI), indicating that proper understanding and use of emotions can help us be more effective workers and better communicators. This program gives you an excellent overview of

  • Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance

    Emotional Intelligence and Optimal Performance

    Dan Goleman

    Discover how certain amount of stress is necessary for optimal performance.

  • Emotional Intelligence Series

    Emotional Intelligence Series

    Dan Goleman

    The series contains 3 training videos on EI featuring Dan Goleman.

  • Exploring Human Nature

    Exploring Human Nature

    Dr. Philip Zimbardo
    Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University

  • Flashpoint: When Values Collide

    Flashpoint: When Values Collide

    Morris Massey

    There’s only one Morris Massey! With humor and candor, Dr. Massey cuts to the heart of our cultural taboos to demonstrate how myths about Sex, Ethnicity and Age (S-E-A) sabotage our personal and professional relationships.

  • Ouch! Your Silence Hurts

    Ouch! Your Silence Hurts

    Communicating in a Diverse World
    Examine the impact of the silent bystander. Ouch! Your Silence Hurts will inspire conversations beyond the training room!

  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Understanding Emotional Intelligence

    Dan Goleman

    Learn three basic strategies for handling stress with emotional intelligence. X

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