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Etiquette Videos and DVDs

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  • Back to the Basics: A Five-Part Series on Business

    Back to the Basics: A Five-Part Series on Business

    Back to the Basics is a five-part series designed to introduce young adults to the work world. 

  • Communication Lab 2.0

    Communication Lab 2.0

    When Email Just Isn't Enough
    In this humorous program, you'll learn when to use e-mail and when to use the telephone to communicate – and avoid customer service problems!

  • Doing Business in Argentina

    Doing Business in Argentina

    At the other end of the world, you'll discover an elegant country and a people fiercely proud of their rich European heritage. Your success depends on communication and international business etiquette.

  • Doing Business in Brazil

    Doing Business in Brazil

    There is only one Brazil, and to succeed here you must open up to this country and its passionate people.

  • Doing Business in Chile

    Doing Business in Chile

    Covers need-to-know best practices for doing business in Latin America: culture, communication, management, negotiation, international business etiquette training and more.

  • Doing Business in Indonesia

    Doing Business in Indonesia

    With the world's fourth-largest population, Indonesia is market you can't afford to miss. But to succeed here - and avoid costly failure - you need proper preparation.

  • Doing Business in Malaysia

    Doing Business in Malaysia

    To succeed in Malaysia - and avoid costly failure - you need proper preparation. Topics covered include culture, etiquette, communication, negotiation, management and more. 

  • Doing Business in Mexico

    Doing Business in Mexico

    Join us on an exciting visit to intriguing Mexico, where you'll gain valuable insight into this important market and its diverse people.

  • Doing Business in Singapore

    Doing Business in Singapore

    To survive in Southeast Asia's business center, you need proper training. Topics covered include culture, communication, negotiation, management, international business etiquette training, and more. 

  • Professionalism 101

    Professionalism 101

    The Professionalism 101 three-part series takes a commonsense approach to the details of job success.

  • The Basics of Business Etiquette

    The Basics of Business Etiquette

    Knowing the right things to do and say at work and in work-relad social settings can make a tremendous difference in helping you and your company reach its goals.

  • Undeliverable: E-mail Etiquette for Today’s Workplace

    Undeliverable: E-mail Etiquette for Today’s Workplace

    Help your employees master Email Customer Service; an increasing number of customers prefer email contact over telephone contact. However, many of these customers are dissatisfied with the service they receive via email. X

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