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Improving Employee Attitude Videos and DVDs

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  • A Kick in the Attitude with Sam Glenn

    A Kick in the Attitude with Sam Glenn

    Sam Glenn

    Part of the Sam Glenn Series
    Sam Glenn uses humor and motivational stories to give you and your entire team a positive Kick in the Attitude in this award winning, funny and inspirational video.

  • Accepting Change

    Accepting Change

    Everyone is frustrated and resisting change. Steve helps them progress.

  • Actions and Attitudes

    Actions and Attitudes

    Providing Extraordinary Customer Service
    The biggest advantage one organization can have over another is its employees. This program offers participants an opportunity to develop their customer service and selling techniques.

  • Attitude Is Everything

    Attitude Is Everything

    Part of the Just A Call Away Series on telephone skills.
    Even over the telephone, the person at the other end of the line can see your attitude - and attitude counts for everything!

  • Attitude Is...

    Attitude Is...

    Attitude. A little thing makes a big difference in your life AND career.

  • Attitude Virus

    Attitude Virus

    Curing Negativity in the Workplace
    With the Attitude Virus training program, viewers learn to identify the seven most common attitude virus carriers and how to inoculate themselves and your organization against them.

  • Big Book of Attitude

    Big Book of Attitude

    Sam Glenn

    10 Motivational & Inspirational Books
    Written and Compiled by Sam Glenn The Attitude Guy ©

  • Building a Winning Team

    Building a Winning Team

    Stanford Executive Briefings
    Jon Gordon Author, The Energy Bus outlines strategies for successfully uniting teams center on his belief that communication is key.

  • Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life

    Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life

    Dewitt Jones

    Dewitt Jones' Celebrate! Change Your Lens, Change Your Life reminds is that we have power - the power to choose how we see the world around us, and the power to choose how we see want to live in it.

  • Courage to Coach

    Courage to Coach

    A common sense approach to confronting tough employee performance situations
    Effective coaching is the single most important factor in employee development today.

  • Developing Successful Mindsets

    Developing Successful Mindsets

    Steve’s negativity is now contagious, so watch as his coworkers and bosses try to help him create a more positive outlook.

  • Do Right I with Lou Holtz

    Do Right I with Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz

    Lou Holtz shares his inspiration and commitment in this first video of the series to instill the spirit of teamwork and personal dedication. Either video can stand alone, or use them together.

  • Ensuring a Respectful Workplace

    Ensuring a Respectful Workplace

    Insensitive racist remarks and talking behind people’s backs cause hurt all around. Serena is concerned that the culture in the office lacks basic elements of respect.

  • FISH! Business Solution

    FISH! Business Solution

    Fish Philosophy Training

    FISH! is a proven and fun way to strengthen any organization. When people choose to bring their best to work, it leads to lasting excellence.

  • FISH! for Leaders - Choose Your Attitude

    FISH! for Leaders - Choose Your Attitude

    Fish Philosophy Training

    New Release!
    Choose Your Attitude from the Fish for Leaders training program shows you how to show up for your team in a way that picks them up.

  • FISH! for Leaders - Play

    FISH! for Leaders - Play

    Fish Philosophy Training

    New Release!
    Play from the Fish for Leaders training program shows how to build an enthusiastic and lighthearted workplace.

  • Fun is Good

    Fun is Good

    Let the employees at the Midway Field in Minnesota show you how much can be accomplished at work - by having fun! X

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