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  • Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace - Manager eLearning

    Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace - Manager eLearning

    60-Minute Manager Version
    Using a sequence of original stories that convey important training points as seen through the eyes of the participants, this interactive course is designed to keep user attention with realistic examples, variety, and unexpected twists.

  • Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace - Manager Version

    Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment-Free Workplace - Manager Version

    Managers learn to review their responsibilities in preventing unwelcome and harassing behavior from occurring in their workgroups and gain guidance towards appropriate responses to take if such behavior does occur. 

  • Slips Trips and Falls

    Slips Trips and Falls

    Slips, trips and falls are among the leading causes of disabling accidents in the workplace. This video shows specific procedures that can raise safety awareness throughout your organization and help prevent accidents.

  • Social Media at Work

    Social Media at Work

    Technology cannot be avoided—few of us could get our jobs done without it. But it needs to be used wisely and appropriately.

  • Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements

    Stanford Video Guide to Financial Statements

    George Parker
    Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business

  • Successful Termination

    Successful Termination

    Terminations are tough. Learn how to do them properly with the Successful Termination training program.

  • The Drug-Free Workplace

    The Drug-Free Workplace

    This program will reaise your employees’ awareness of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and will encourage them to get help if they or a coworker is affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

  • The Well-Managed Meeting

    The Well-Managed Meeting

    We're all busy these days and we can't afford to waste our time with nonproductive meetings. Use this best-selling video to learn how to run a meeting well. 

  • Time Management

    Time Management

    Time management training that gives you practical tools for getting a handle on your workday so you can get what YOU want out of life.

  • We're All Different

    We're All Different

    Diversity in the Workplace
    This diversity awareness program will remind your employees of the importance of keeping an open mind and respecting each other, differences and all.

  • Wednesday's Touch

    Wednesday's Touch

    Every Customer has a story...
    Skills can be taught, but the right attitude is even more meaningful.

  • When the Phone Rings

    When the Phone Rings

    Telephone Skills for Better Service
    Those who answer the phones are speaking for everyone in the company. Make sure they have training.

  • Workplace Ethics

    Workplace Ethics

    Ethics matter. It’s not just the big scandals you see in the news, but the small everyday decisions that add up, too. In fact, that’s where you need to draw the line—with the little things—before serious damage is done. X

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