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Meeting Openers (Excluding Muppet Meeting Films) Videos and DVDs

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  • Customer Service Training DVD Combo Package

    Customer Service Training DVD Combo Package

    Save $2,210 over the individual DVD prices when you purchase The Customer Service Training Library.  Get six best selling customer service training DVDs for $995.

  • Muppet Meeting Openers

    Muppet Meeting Openers

    The Muppets

    Combination DVDs
    These short humorous programs can be used to open a meeting, announce breaks, end a meeting or to sparkle up a meeting that might be a little dull... not that your meetings are ever dull!

  • A New Deal

    A New Deal


    Featuring beautifully edited footage of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal, this short film is reminiscent of the challenges we face today and what can be accomplished when people look beyond their fears and believe in their ability to succeed.

  • A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    A Peacock in the Land of Penguins

    BJ Gallagher

    Designed for all levels of the organization, this animated program teaches us to appreciate those whose backgrounds or personalities are different from our own.

  • A Second Chance

    A Second Chance

    Paul Hopkins

    A short film by Paul Hopkins & Joel Suzuki
    Based on the second chance choice Robert Frost made before he finally published, The Road Not Taken, this film will provide presenters with a tool to inspire people to take risks and move forward.

  • America3: The Power to Create Meeting Opener

    America3: The Power to Create Meeting Opener

    A meeting opener version of the popular full-length training film "America 3" featuring an everyday crew in the America’s Cup race.

  • Another Meeting?

    Another Meeting?

    Federico Muchnik, writer/director

    Watch how a meeting that starts with mundane information can be transformed. This over-the-top video will motivate everyone to have better meetings – and you’ll laugh, too!

  • Ben Comen

    Ben Comen


    Based on the true story of determination and team character on a high school cross country team.

  • Cracked Pot

    Cracked Pot


    The Cracked Pot teaches us to appreciate the talents and contributions of each member of the team, regardless of preconceived notions about his or her potential.

  • Change Can Be Good starring The Stapler Guy

    Change Can Be Good starring The Stapler Guy

    In this meeting video, you will meet the "The Stapler Guy" who despite his nightmare about the introduction of a new stapler learns that change can be good! But you may have to give it a try first!

  • Darius Goes West

    Darius Goes West


    Fifteen-year-old Darius Weems, who has muscular dystrophy, and eleven of his best friends set out on a cross-country road trip to raise money to find a cure for his disease.

  • Differences


    BJ Gallagher

    a short film by BJ Gallagher
    Created to help people explore and discuss their own differences through the "voices" of dogs.

  • Diversity Is...

    Diversity Is...

    When you need to get the message and power of diversity out to an audience, this high definition, creative video is just the ticket!

  • Do Respect

    Do Respect

    How can you help people be respectful in just three minutes? Do Respect is a short, animated program that encourages employees to act in ways that enhance workplace culture.

  • Embracing Change

    Embracing Change

    Laura Goodrich

    Fast-paced and funny, this four minute training DVD is applicable for all levels of an organization, and will effectively set the stage for meaningful dialog.

  • Employment Law Is...

    Employment Law Is...

    This is a short video using impactful imagery, video, and music to inspire and stimulate discussion about legal issues within your organization.

  • Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

    Fall Seven Times Stand Up Eight

    Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight uses quotes, pictures and video clips featuring world renown personalities to dramatically demonstrate how, through perseverance and resiliency, success can be achieved. 

  • Frog Tales: The Little Frog

    Frog Tales: The Little Frog


    Frog Tales Meeting Films
    The Little Frog tells an unforgettable story of mind over matter and the power of words. You'll laugh and cry as they work their way through life's situations that so often mirror our daily business challenges X

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