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Meeting Openers (Excluding Muppet Meeting Films) Videos and DVDs

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  • Sally



    Sally, a 3 minute film reminds us to look beyond the surface to see that small, unexpected acts of kindness can change our entire perspective in an instant.

  • Sell?


    Federico Muchnik, writer/director

    Don't be SELL-fish. Watch this ex-SELL-ent video and SELL-ebrate every salesperson in your company! You'll be ab-SELL-utley SpELL-bound as you watch this SwELL program!

  • SERVE!  Turn Customer Service into Unforgettable Customer Experiences

    SERVE! Turn Customer Service into Unforgettable Customer Experiences

    Tom Peters

    Tom Peters introduces the concept of creating excellent customer experiences as a strategic advantage in this five-minute meeting opener.

  • Sexual Harassment Is...

    Sexual Harassment Is...

    Sexual harassment is... illegal, costly, debilitating and wrong! This is a thought-provoking, short video using impactful imagery, video and music to inspire and stimulate discussion.

  • Taking Care of Your Future Is...

    Taking Care of Your Future Is...

    Stimulate discussion about what it really takes to succeed in a career. 

  • The Star Thrower Story

    The Star Thrower Story

    Joel Barker

    Now, one of Joel Barker’s most cherished stories, The Star Thrower, is available as a short film! Taken from his best-selling program, The Power of Vision, Joel Barker reminds us that we all have the ability to make a difference.

  • Training Wheels

    Training Wheels


    A father teaches his son to ride a bicycle. Life’s most moving and memorable moments are usually its simplest.

  • Transgender Transition Is…

    Transgender Transition Is…

    Team members, employees and managers within your organization may have questions about another employee in transition. 

  • Transition to Boss Is...

    Transition to Boss Is...

    Stimulate discussion about new managers/supervisors accepting their new role, establishing clear boundaries, communicating and taking action. 

  • Truly FURRific Customer Service  - Barkles Meeting Video

    Truly FURRific Customer Service - Barkles Meeting Video


    Some customers are difficult to please... but Ollie will show you how to deal with a difficult customer and deliver truly terrific customer service.

  • Wednesday's Touch

    Wednesday's Touch

    Every Customer has a story...
    Skills can be taught, but the right attitude is even more meaningful.

  • We Are The Ones

    We Are The Ones

    Paul Hopkins

    We Are The Ones is an inspirational short program that encourages us to look to ourselves for leadership and positive change.

  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home


    Welcome Home follows the true story of a family’s reunion with their father, a serviceman stationed in Iraq.

  • What’s Holding You Back?

    What’s Holding You Back?

    We all face obstacles but amazingly, some of the most successful people in history have overcome some of the most difficult obstacles. What’s Holding You Back? is great way to start or close any business meeting or training session!

  • Who Are You?

    Who Are You?

    Who are you? That’s been asked by the greatest minds over the centuries. We’re not going to attempt to answer that universal question, but…we CAN address it as it relates to ourselves at work.

  • Whoopee!  Another Meeting!

    Whoopee! Another Meeting!

    Loretta Laroche

    What would happen if we approached every meeting with the enthusiasm and excitement of a child? Now you can!

  • Who’s On First

    Who’s On First

    Abbott and Costello’s famous routine-the only comedy routine in the Baseball Hall of Fame-is a wonderful way to begin any session on communication skills, listening, conflict resolution, teamwork, and more!

  • Winds of Change

    Winds of Change

    Patrick Stewart

    Winds of Change is a classic animated training film narrated by Patrick Stewart of the Star Trek series showing dramatic resistance to change.

  • Work Like a Penguin

    Work Like a Penguin

    Antarctica is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking places on Earth. It is also one of the coldest! This new meeting opener shows that penguins are motivated by more than meets the eye!

  • Winning


    This short meeting video packs a huge punch with high-energy music and Olympic athletes. X

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