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Safety - Office and Ergonomics Videos and DVDs

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  • Resisting the Flu

    Resisting the Flu

    Eric Weiss, MD, Stanford University School of Medicine educates your staff on how to prevent transmission of the seasonal flu.

  • Safety Coach: The 7 C's Of Safety

    Safety Coach: The 7 C's Of Safety

    Even if you're not a sports fan, you'll enjoy the wit and wisdom of Coach Bowden as he shares how successful coaching techniques can result in safe work habits. 

  • Stress Management Series

    Stress Management Series

    Make it easy for people to see the cumulative benefit of practicing stress management every day and building their resiliency skills over time.

  • Stretching the Team

    Stretching the Team

    Carol and Marcus discuss the benefits of exercising and Marcus introduces Brittany his trainer to the team to take them through a series of stretching exercises. 

  • Welcome to the Team

    Welcome to the Team

    This program discusses the basics of retail employment. Topics presented include job responsibilities, basic loss prevention, appearance and dress code, and safety.

  • Working Safely

    Working Safely

    Everyone should take responsibility for safety. It all starts with the right attitude.

  • Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases

    Wrong Way Right Way: Safety Cases

    Wrong Way Right Way Safety Cases drops the dull-lecture format and uses funny snippets to show employees the wrong way and right way of handling 10 common safety issues. X

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