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Workplace Issues - Under $200 Videos and DVDs

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  • Performance Appraisals: Getting Results

    Performance Appraisals: Getting Results

    How to conduct employee reviews that bring out the best from your staff, and tackle poor performance before it becomes a habit.

  • Performance Coaching

    Performance Coaching

    Help improve employee performance and retention while creating a more productive workforce with this effective employee coaching DVD.

  • Slips Trips and Falls

    Slips Trips and Falls

    Slips, trips and falls are among the leading causes of disabling accidents in the workplace. This video shows specific procedures that can raise safety awareness throughout your organization and help prevent accidents.

  • Stressbusters! 10 Little Commitments To Reduce Stress

    Stressbusters! 10 Little Commitments To Reduce Stress

    Loretta Laroche

    Ha! And you thought stress didn’t have an effect on productivity. Now, Loretta Laroche can tell it all in this funny and irreverent look at stress, personalities and how to make yourself happier and more productive.

  • Successful Termination

    Successful Termination

    Terminations are tough. Learn how to do them properly with the Successful Termination training program.

  • Supervising the Difficult Employee

    Supervising the Difficult Employee

    Supervising the Difficult Employee, will steer you through six main objectives that will help you redirect difficult employees. Learn the root problem, use accurate documentation, then helping the employee take corrective action. X

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