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Are there times your managers feel overwhelmed with various demands at work? Do you or your managers need to take control of the situation? There are times that any manager can feel overwhelmed with customer calls, problem situations, and office distractions. In this humorous video, you will see how one manager learned how to understand his own fears and concerns so he could overcome these problems and take control.

Louis has just started a new job at a company that installs carpets for customers. He is distracted and disorganized and is seeing a psychiatrist to vent his frustrations. His employees are frustrated and his customers are unhappy. He needs to become a manager, not a mouse. Through a process of communication with his alter ego, involvement with his entire team, and planning, Louis is able to transform himself and in the process make his job and surroundings more positive... and more fun!


  • Take Ownership of the problem. Every manager needs to understand that it is up to him or her to fix it
  • Develop a Plan to fix the problem
  • Communicate and collaborate with your team to find a solution
  • Be Positive and Flexible. Support people as they implement a solution

This training package includes the video and a workbook.

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