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How should we communicate in a world where differences in perspective, experience, job function, culture, gender, age, and a myriad of other factors often lead to distrust, misunderstanding and reduced productivity?

Through a series of short dramatizations this unique series explores the rules and techniques that distinguish a Dialogue from other forms of communication, such as debate or negotiation.

The Dialogue Now You're Talking series examines how we can surface the often unspoken assumptions, in ourselves and in others, that can stand in the way of effective organizational communication. In so doing we build mutual trust and respect.

Program 1: Communicating in a Diverse World (25 Minutes)

Communicating in a Diverse World deals with diversity issues in communication. Includes a dramatization of how Dialogue helps us communicate across job functions, helping improve relations between people at different levels within the organization as well as between different departments or areas of expertise.


  • What is Dialogue? - contrasting debate and dialogue
  • Initiating Dialogue - how to do it?, where to do it?
  • The Skills of Dialogue:
  1. Suspension (of judgment, decision making and status)
  2. Listening (with empathy, for understanding, showing you care)
  3. Discovery (uncovering and sharing hidden assumptions in yourself and others)

Program 2: Dialogue for Cultural Understanding (24 Minutes)

Dialogue for Cultural Understanding deals with communication and cultural issues. We apply the skills of dialogue outlined in Program 1 to challenges faced in culturally diverse work environments. We see a dramatization that demonstrates how dialogue can be used to open communication, uncover hidden assumptions, break down stereotypes and facilitate more productive relationships.

Program 3: Dialogue between Genders (21 Minutes)

In Dialogue between Genders, a dramatized dialogue shows us how the skills we learned in Program 1 can be used to overcome misunderstandings, break down gender stereotypes, and improve communications between men and women at work.

Program 4: Dialogue among Generations (24 Minutes)

In Dialogue among Generations, we demonstrate how the skills of dialogue can be used to bridge the personal and professional style differences that exist between employees of different ages. We uncover how divergent personal and world views common to people of different generations can lead to misunderstandings and distrust and how dialogue can help overcome age barriers and build more productive workplace relationships.

We can all benefit from learning the tools of dialogue - how to communicate across differences in a way that is both respectful and effective. Dialogue is how you communicate when you’re having trouble communicating.

COMPLIMENTARY REVIEW (From Training Media Review)

Would you like the people in your organization to handle conflict more productively? Of course you would. But are you willing to try to do something about it? That’s the more important question. If you are willing (and we don’t underestimate the commitment required to take on the task), you will find no better video-based program to help you than Dialogue: Now You're Talking! It is extraordinary.

Each program in the series can be purchased separately.

Purchase Includes

  • Dialogue Now You're Talking Series on DVD (94 Minutes)
  • Facilitator's Guide
  • Reproducible Handouts
  • PowerPoint Slides
Leadership and Management
Meeting Openers & Meeting Management
Sexual Harassment Prevention
HR and Workplace Issues
Respectful Workplace
Generational Differences
Release Date
Jan 1, 2005
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Dramatic Vignettes w/Instruction
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