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The Helping Hand looks at the manager’s direct role in coaching staff. Understanding the importance of coaching and then learning to coach is not easy.

Many managers take the route of saying ’I’ll do it myself, it will only take five minutes’ - which leaves the manager overburdened and team members underused and undervalued. Managers need to decide which tasks a team member can take responsibility for and coach him or her accordingly.

How to accomplish this is clearly illustrated and explained by this video, in which John Cleese plays the presenter in a training video on coaching.

The Helping Hand shows managers that understanding the need for coaching, and then learning how to coach, is an essential part of their jobs. In this amusing drama, a manager who knows nothing about coaching has plenty to learn.

The manager needs to identify which tasks a team member could take responsibility for, and coach him or her accordingly. He learns how to identify exactly where the need for coaching lies, how to conduct the coaching itself, and how to monitor the results.

This comprehensive program shows how, with the right teaching, the manager is able to improve people’s performance and motivation, and that coaching is an invaluable tool for helping individuals and the business develop together.

The Benefits

  • Valuable tool for all levels of management
  • Supports courses on management and leadership skills
  • A clear structure for learning coaching skills
  • Uses the proven right-way, wrong-way approach

This video features Robert Lindsay, Jan Ravens and John Cleese.

Package Includes

  • DVD (37 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Participant Worksheets
  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Self-study Workbook
Leadership and Management
Management Skills
Video Running Time (minutes)
Video Arts
Featured Talent
John Cleese
Presentation Style
Humorous Presentation
Course ID

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