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A True Story of Customer Service

Discover the incomparable power of customer service delivered from the heart! Johnny the Bagger® explores how a young man with Down syndrome makes an unforgettable impression each day in the grocery store where he works as a bagger.

The lesson Johnny delivers is that individual employees, no matter how small their jobs might appear, have a unique power to make a lasting difference in the minds and hearts of everyone who comes in contact with your organization.

Johnny the Bagger® will help motivate your employees to take personal responsibility for creating a positive, memorable experience for internal or external customers; the kind of experience needed to generate customer loyalty, improve employee retention and strengthen team morale.

Learning Point Highlights

  • Explains why truly extraordinary service must come from the heart (i.e., from person-to-person connections, not business-to-person connections)
  • Outlines the key mindsets and daily actions that are necessary to deliver exceptional, memorable customer service
  • Equips participants to add their own "personal signature" to their work to surprise and delight customers

The only thing your competition can't take away from you is the relationship your people have with your customers. After you experience Johnny the Bagger®, you will see how you and everyone in your organization can make a difference in your customers lives. The memories you create will keep people coming back and bringing their friends for years to come.

Ken Blanchard

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