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Here’s the scenario in many organizations: Employees blame management for their problems; managers are frustrated and blame employees for not taking initiative; and departments blame each other. “They never listen;” “they spend all the money while we make it;” “they never tell us what’s going on;” “they think they can get away with that?” Grumbling and complaining provide the soundtrack for the daily drama that gets enacted in businesses large and small. And everyone thinks it’s some else’s job to do something!

Things fall between the cracks; orders don’t get processed; deliveries are late; paperwork slows to a crawl; quality suffers; complaints increase but never get addressed; the buck gets passed endlessly from department to department; and the ultimate losers are the organization’s customers.
Do any of those things ever happen in your organization? Hopefully it is not too late to find out just who are “they” anyway? For when we find the answer to that question, we’ll find the answer to our problems.

This entertaining and enlightening video, “Who Are ‘They’ Anyway?” and the accompanying Facilitator’s Guide are designed to help you and your organization make the shift from looking for “them” to blame to realizing that there IS no “them” and beginning to accept personal accountability. The training designs, participant handouts, group’s discussion questions, and individual exercises are all aimed at providing a powerful catalyst to help everyone in the organization understand that personal responsibility is a choice.


Training Seminars
“Who Are ‘They” Anyway?” video can play a powerful part in seminars and workshops on a variety of topics -- leadership and management development, team building, conflict resolution, change management, among others. The issue of personal accountability is critical to the empowerment of individuals in their day-to-day jobs -- it is just as critical for the success of the organization as a whole. “Who Are ‘They’ Anyway?” video can be used as a meeting opener at the beginning of a seminar, to establish an expectation that everyone is responsible for contributing to their department’s or organization’s effectiveness. The video can also be used sometime during the seminar, to provide a foundation for small group discussions and/or experiential exercises. One could also show the video toward the end of a seminar to summarize and reiterate points made by the trainer during the session.

The video is a perfect opener for meetings of all types for people at all levels in an organization: executive meetings; staff meetings; management meetings; shift meetings; board meetings; union meetings; interdepartmental meetings; etc. It emphasizes a critically important point for viewers-that searching for solutions is a good use of time and energy, while searching for them is fruitless and ultimately destructive. As a meeting opener, “Who Are ‘They’ Anyway?” sets the tone for the discussion to follow, reminding everyone that individual as well as shared accountability will go a long way toward helping the group deal with whatever issues are at hand.

Problem Solving
“Who Are ‘They’ Anyway?” video is also an excellent meeting opener for groups that come together for the specific purpose of solving problems. It helps keep the group focused on the task of finding solutions, and directs their attention toward a common goal-organizational success. The video reminds the group of the dangers of slipping into the all-too-human tendency of look for “them” to blame in an attempt to escape culpability, or to make oneself look good. The video does an excellent job in setting the right tone for a problem-solving meeting.

Quality Improvement Programs
One of the key messages of the video is that quality improves when departments work together on finding solutions to problems-rather than fighting across turf lines to establish blame and fault. It’s always easy to bad-mouth other departments and to complain about another group of employees, or management. It is a sign of true maturity, integrity, and personal accountability to take the initiative to work collaboratively with another department, in search of a “win/win” solution. This builds strong positive relationships across functional lines, and builds a solid foundation for future cooperation and collaboration. “Who Are ‘They’ Anyway?” video is a valuable addition to discussions of quality improvement, whether it be quality product or quality service. 


  • DVD (12 Minutes)
  • CD containing:
    Facilitator Guide with 2 workshops(4 and 2 hour)

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