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Joe Torre manages one of the most successful teams in baseball history - the New York Yankees. During his remarkable career, Joe Torre has realized that success is not just about winning; it is a culmination of victories and defeats and what you learn from each opportunity. While slumps and setbacks are inevitable for teams and organizations, the true measure of success is how you respond to and bounce back from adversity.

In Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt, Joe Torre illustrates the path to achieving individual and organizational success by cultivating a positive attitude, self-confidence and team communication.

Joe Torre's tremendous success both as a player and as a coach is the result of his steadfast focus on five guiding principles:

  • Be ready to play - Be prepared for new opportunities for growth
  • Communicate on and off the field
  • Play little ball - Break down challenges into smaller tasks
  • Play with confidence
  • Sacrifice

Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt teaches audiences that individual success can be greater and more satisfying when individual goals are tied to team success. The more individuals contribute to fulfill team goals, the better the team or organization, and the greater the individual achievement. Joe Torre speaks not just about winning, but about the importance of learning from wins and losses. Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt is ideal for building confidence, commitment, and collaboration in teams and organizations.

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