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In the galaxy of customer service, Curt Hinderman's lost in space. Until one dark night, when his car breaks down en route to a mandatory training session, and the tables are turned as he finds himself needing urgent help from his customers.

Aided by the mysterious Angela, Curt discovers the essentials of great service - while taking your audience on a journey of discovery. Enjoyable and easy-to-use, Customer Service Zone is an essential resource for all organizations serving customers.

As this fresh, entertaining tale unfolds, you'll find your audience completely absorbed by the learning points, while training becomes simple yet highly effective.

The Customer Service Zone can be used for introductory training, refresher training, or as a customer service meeting opener. Appropriate for all types of organizations.

W.H.A.T. makes great customer service!

  • WELCOME: Immediately greet customers in a friendly and professional manner.
  • HEAR: Ask customers how you can help, and be sure to listen to their needs carefully.
  • ACCOMPLISH: Own the issue and take action until customers needs are satisfied.
  • THANK: Thank customers and invite them to return.


  • Easy to Use: Just pop in the DVD! And with the valuable, feature packed leader’s guide, it will be easy to create an enjoyable, effective learning session.
  • Save Time: Featuring extensive expert research, we’ve done the work for you! Training media professionals since 1993, our team crystallized the essential learning points from dozens of sources, from customer service experts to dozens of real-life customers.
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Visual Learning: A picture is worth a thousand words! With this entertaining, engaging story, you’ll find it easy to create an emotional connection with your team and foster effective learning.
  • Achieve Training Objectives: Featuring clear, concise, easy-to-remember learning points, repeated for maximum retention. With expert instructional design, you’ll be more successful and better develop your employees.

"Entertaining, easy to remember, and very versatile! Drives home the point that the customer is a valuable asset."
-Marjorie Heyman Former VP Training & Development, Macy’s President, Heyman Consulting LLC

"A very valuable training tool! Humorous, experiential, and easy to retain. "
Rosanne D’Ausilio, Ph.D., customer service consultant/author


  • Customer Service Zone DVD (18 Minutes)
  • Customer Service Zone Leader's Guide (50 Pages)
Customer Service
Sales Training
Retail Training
Humorous Customer Service Videos
Entry Level Customer Service
Release Date
Jan 1, 2007
Video Running Time (minutes)
Closed Caption
Engaging Training
Presentation Style
Humorous Presentation
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